Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bruce Springsteen is Coming to Globen. I'm Not.

I have a confession. I have a slight man crush on Bruce Springsteen. Doesn't matter that he's like three times my age and a man. With songs like Thunder Road and Born in the USA it's hard not to have a man crush. Anyway. Bruce Springsteen is coming to Stockholm on December 10th. I don't have tickets. Springsteen sold out in no time which is to be expected when so many people have man crushes on the Boss. Now tickets are ridiculous online and while I have a man crush I don't have money. Oh well. I'll get over it.

No new word on the job front. The phone calls and e-mails made in the last couple of days amounted to very little response which was a bummer.

Tonight I'm heading to a crayfish party, DCP can't come which is too bad. Basically an excuse for the Swedes to eat crayfish, drink a lot, and sing some songs. The drinking culture here is quite different than in the States. Maybe it has something to do with the price of alcohol, the strength of alcohol, and the different drinking age. Or maybe Swedes just have more alcoholic tendencies than Americans (other than college students). The alcohol business in Sweden is state run. The government has a monopoly on the sale of alcohol to consumers from liquor stores. It's called System Bolaget. Some people find this to be a lovely system that is kind of cutesy and backwoods (that's right, cutesy). I on the other hand find it antiquated and annoying when I want some beer on a Saturday but the stores are closed by 3 in the afternoon. I'm still not used to having to plan my drinking ahead so much but I'm getting better. I personally think that this just adds to the drinking culture because people don't want to run out of booze so they buy a ridiculous amount of it Friday afternoon. Then by the time they realize they have too much they are good and hammered and just decide to keep drinking. Wouldn't want any left over for next week. Then we wouldn't get to stand in line at the liquor store.


  1. Just realized that the word "cutesy" made it through the spell check. I love it.

  2. One subtle but near-infallible sign that a person is an alcoholic is if they make sure never to run out.

  3. thats expensive to do in this country. but still people manage!