Sunday, September 09, 2007

Crayfish Have No Chance Against Me

The crayfish party was a blast last night. For those of you new to the Swedish crayfish tradition a crayfish is basically a miniature lobster like creature. The Swedes cook them in dill and then eat them cold. You pick up the crayfish, unfold the tail, then suck out all of it's juices. After that you pull the crayfish tail off and eat the meat inside. Some people eat all the nasty stuff that comes with it which can range anywhere from crayfish poop, crayfish sperm, and crayfish eggs. I'm a bit picky and pass that over. After that you bust open the claws and eat that meat. They can be a little tough because sometimes the claws are tiny, remember it's a miniature lobster thing. They take a quite a bit of work for just a little meat but are pretty tasty, and when it comes down to it it really is an experience. Quite a bit of singing, quite a bit of drinking, quite a bit of crayfish. And after that experience here I am awake way too early feeling a bit sluggish after all the booze. I don't know that I'm really hungover, but I might be dangling a little bit. While I railed a bit against the drinking culture here in Sweden yesterday I do appreciate the amount of singing that goes into drinking here. It's always entertaining to see 20 drunken Swedes sing drinking songs and watch the evolution from decent singing to sloppy drunken yelling as the night progresses.

Along with the crayfish party last night Sweden played Denmark in soccer/football. Whatever you want to call it I just can't seem to get into it. I love sports, but when a game is described as Sweden and Denmark in thrilling stalemate and the game is scoreless, I just don't have much interest. Maybe it's Sweden's neutrality and laid back attitude but ties don't really strike me as thrilling. In fact a tie in most sporting events leave a bitter taste in my mouth and a wanting for some sort of resolution. The MLB All-Star Game a few years back comes to mind. Anyway, rather than watch the game I socialized. Maybe that's a step in the wrong direction in trying to become more Swedish in a soccer/football loving nation, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe in a year or two I will have made some strides but until then give me football with big guys in pads beating the hell out of each other.


  1. Thanks for your comment in my
    I hope you´re right... I don't wanna rush but still: "the faster I´ll be finnish with the university - the better" so I can come out in the "workingmarket" and get the real money.

    I just feel a little dumb if I´ll get on year off (sabbatical) and not study at highschool..but maybe that's great to, I mean to change perspective for "a while" (ONE YEAR!) but only if I won't need "physics B".. well I´ll figure that out later.

    Thanks for your comment once again, can't you tell a little what's you blogg about? :)
    I´m glad it's in english..
    as a result for my lack of english courses this school-year - I´m longing for english more than ever...
    so I think I can read you blogg, just tell me a little what it is about first please :D

    With the best regards / "mysticá"
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  2. LOLs @ your crayfish party. reminds me of this post by Mentor:

  3. Seems to be pretty common reactions to crayfish parties!