Sunday, September 30, 2007

Need Life Insurance in Sweden?

Swedes are often stereotyped as being quite reserved and just not very funny people. They live their life in a cold and dark country with only their snapps to get them through. Well we decided that stereotypes aren’t always true. At least if you have been keeping up and taking all that I write as gospel then we have decided that. Anyway, their humor really shines through in certain circumstances.

Commercials for instance. IKEA commercials tend to be pretty entertaining. Luckily the Swedes do good work with English. So good in fact that quite a few commercials are in Swedish and so I can share them with you because I just don’t like translating stuff so very much.

That's where this glorious commercial comes in courtesy of YouTube. And that's lucky for me because I just didn't really have anything exciting to say today. So sit back and enjoy a ridiculous commercial. Although, I would like you all to note the irony in that this is presumably a Swedish prison despite the English. Remember the Scot being thrown into prison here? Anyway, when life in prison means 12 years why does he need to escape. Just mull that over for a while. Let it sink in. These are the deep questions that keep me up at night. It’s important to analyze even the most banal occurrences in life. That’s a lie. I just wanted to philosophize for a bit. For some reason I just thought it was damn funny.


  1. Have you seen the IKEA Germany commercial making fun of Midsommer? Evidently, IKEA HQ did not find it very funny. :)

  2. That is a classic. It's true. Silly IKEA.

  3. Hi Hairy Swede!
    Found your blog yesterday and I'm completly hooked.
    Your writing is just amazing and you've made me laugh out loud many, many times. So thank you!
    Really fascinating to see 'my' country through your 'americanized' (yeap, just invented that one) eyes too, makes one think.