Friday, September 07, 2007

Vikings Distract me from the Task at Hand

So, in my attempt to find something to do I started taking a class last night at Stockholm University. A viking history class. Stereotypically Swedish right? I did study history though so I'm going to argue it's just furthering my knowledge of history and not a way to connect to some long lost romanticized Swedish roots. Anyway, as the professor was taking roll he was guessing and asking where people were from. He asked if I was Swedish and the best answer I could give was "kinda" in my incredibly American English. That drew a laugh, unfortunately I wasn't really trying to be funny. Oh well.

The job search continues today. I made some phone calls and sent a few e-mails yesterday trying to follow up on some leads I've been working on but nothing is concrete. I've been doing some part-time work at a museum here but really need something more permanent. I've hooked up with a recruiting agency but most of the time they just find worthless 3 or 4 day projects involving me sitting on a phone in an office in the middle of Stockholm calling the US. Because of the time difference they want me in the office until about 10pm. Not exactly my idea of fun and so I say no. Again, maybe being too picky, but a comment was left saying that "careful" is a better term. So that's what I'm going with. I'm just being careful.

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