Friday, October 19, 2007

A Fall Stroll Through Stockholm

I took a walk through Stockholm today. It was a nice fall day in Sweden, the sun was shining off and on. And it wasn’t too cold. A jacket and beanie was all it took. I snagged a few pictures as I wandered and since I didn’t really have anything all that exciting to write I thought it was time for a few Stockholm pictures.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the castle in Stockholm. It’s a big box. Nothing too exciting. The original castle burned down a few hundred years ago. It at least had some towers and cool castley things. But the sun was really shining on the royal residence today and it was probably at its most regal.

It’s starting to get really cold. The Swedish darkness is setting in. But the leaves are changing so the city is alive with colors. It’s not quite a fall day up in the mountains back home but it's not bad. The leaves are really changing out near my place and this one really stood out, mostly because it was still hanging on to the tree. Holding on to that last thread of dignity that leaves have.

I couldn’t resist this one with the shadows on the church and the clouds gathering in the background. Something about the color in the otherwise bland setting really grabbed my attention as the cross stared down on Kungsträdgården and the statue of an old Swedish king. Just another place where the church and the state come into contact.

And finally, this one just made me laugh. Right on Drottninggatan on the way to Gamla Stan. This area is full of tourists so there are a lot of signs in English. Not only is the restaurant new and open it is new open. Glorious really. There is so much fun to be had with the different languages as Mogli has pointed out.

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