Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stockholm, Sweden Needs Your Help in Monopoly

Stockholm, Sweden needs your help. As we speak Stockholm is languishing in only 5th place vying for the most important space on the next edition of Swedish Monopoly (Monopol). This was first reported by (man I love those guys) and at that time Stockholm was actually in 7th place. Obviously, the general public here in Stockholm has taken note of this important voting opportunity. And so, I ask you, the voting public to take up this important cause and bring Stockholm to the forefront of Swedish cities and help it take its rightful place on the Monopoly board. Vote here!

Voting ends November 1st, and so the time to act is now. It’s going to take quite a lot of people to vote Stockholm to the top. Right now Stockholm is down 16,000 votes to Umeå, our friendly neighbors to the way north. Some might say it is because they have so much pride in their community, but come on, I don’t even think there are 28,000 people living up there. But apparently, since it is already so dark and cold up there they sit inside and vote. Clearly they are taking advantage of the rule stating that you can only vote once a day but are more than welcome to vote on multiple days. Fair enough. But Stockholm must fight back, there are just too many people living in this great city that have to take part in the democratic process. Voter apathy must not get in the way of recognizing Stockholm. If Stockholm wants to make a claim as the “Capital of Scandinavia” then it must at least occupy the most important Monopoly space. It has already been rated the most livable city in the world. Snagging the most important spot on the Monopoly board would be the icing on the cake.

I’ll be honest, you don’t need to vote for Stockholm. You should, but there are plenty of other great cities in Sweden. So if you don’t vote for Stockholm may I suggest Lund, Göteborg (also known as the lovely city of Gothenburg), Uppsala, and of course, Helsingborg. All these cities are languishing far from the top. This is unacceptable. Despite my living in Stockholm, and having been born in Stockholm, I actually voted once for Helsingborg, I blame my father completely for this.

So go out and vote. Make your voices heard. Take pride in the democracy that allows for you to vote your city to the top of the Monopoly board. And take a little offense that a place like Skellefteå could be the most important space just because a Swedish supermodel calls it home.


  1. Actually Umeå has over 100 000 inhabitants, a friend of mine said as much as 150 000, but I'm not sure about that though..

    I don't understand this, is the voting about which city will be on the next Swedish version of Monopoly or what?

  2. Good work on checking the population. I checked too, using Wikipedia, so this number should probably be taken with a grain of salt but it says that there are about 75,000 people living there. So you are definitely closer than I was. Someone has to keep me honest. I'm glad it was you.

    But yeah, the voting is just for a new version of Monopoly that will use Swedish cities instead of street names like Kaptensgatan.