Monday, December 03, 2007

The Eagles and Jaguars Make a Swedish Debut

Technology is amazing. I watched football last night. It didn’t show up on TV and I wasn’t watching on any website. The beauty of technology is that it can solve so many of the world’s problems. Like me not being able to watch the NFL in real time.

And so it is that I was able to watch football last night with a glorious Swedish invention. Skype. Along with the help of a webcam and a very accommodating father. Did I mention how amazing technology can be?

So I sat and watched the Philadelphia Eagles play the Jacksonville Jaguars for a while. The picture was ok. Not amazing, but decent. I could see what was going on. I could watch football. American football in Sweden without having to be a ridiculous amount of money to get a few extra TV channels. Instead I paid nothing because Skype is free. And even video calls are free. Across the ocean. I love technology so much. We tried getting my brother in on it too but while Skype is incredible, it seems to have some limitations. It would only allow football to be shown by video to one other person. Two was just too much. But still.

It was amazing how excited and happy this made me. Maybe a little sad actually how much enjoyment I got out of it. But come on. The idea is genius. But what it really made me realize is how nice familiar things really are. Even if it’s as simple as a football game being shown over a webcam. Made it feel like a real Sunday. All I needed was some junk food and a couch instead of my computer chair and I would have been set. But beggars can’t be choosers. And I was damn excited to have the chance to watch football.

Having made the move here I’ve found plenty of things I like, and plenty of things to complain about. I could do the exact same thing if I moved someplace new in the US. That’s the way it works I think. You love some things, you hate some things, and you miss the good stuff about back home. But the beautiful thing is that with the help of a little technology those things that just seem to be missing, like a football game on a Sunday night, can be arranged and suddenly there is just a little less to complain about and a little more to be happy about.

It also made me realize how a lot of the things I miss are just small little things that might seem so banal to someone else. But those little things are what added up to make the life I led back in the US, and it sure is fun to sit here in Stockholm and start to realize all these things. I’m gaining insight into the life I left behind. Maybe not left behind, but made changes to.

So here I find myself realizing how big of a part sports have been as I’ve grown up. And what I value in life. And what makes me happy. And how as my Swedish improves and I settle more into my life here in Sweden some things still make me want to break out into a USA!USA!USA! chant. And how I just can’t bring myself to be as liberal as the Swedes. But at the same time how I find myself thinking that they sure manage to do some things right in this social democracy of theirs. And that sometimes when things work out just as you had hoped, well they don’t necessarily work out just as you had hoped. But that makes for a hell of an adventure. Or at least I think it will. Growing up is crazy.


  1. When you go back - let's say you will - to the States, you will be much more grown-up than others of your age. It seems that you have taken a far bigger trip than the mileage tells you!

  2. actually you can watch football for free on a website, live. my husband uses this site all the time. hope it works for you.

    better then trying skype..hehe...but good try though!

    he says all you have to do is download the client and away you go as long as something is playing at the time. good luck.

  3. @Smek This, thanks! I sure hope so. I think that was part of the reason I did this. I think.

    @ Mrs. Cecrux, thanks for the tip. I'm going to have to check that out. But it's pretty cool to be able to watch football with the old man and be able to talk while on the other side of the world.

  4. oh thank god! there will be a chance to watch football next season. there is hope!!

    if you're really really lucky, you can watch the superbowl. *crosses fingers*

  5. I almost feel a little cheated just because the Patriots are making history. I actually don't really care all that much about the Patriots, being from COlorado and all, but sports history is always fun to watch regardless of the team.