Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Swedish News that Blew My Mind Today

I snagged all three of the glorious free newspapers offered around Stockholm today. I have some time to kill on my commute and usually read one of them but I was feeling ambitious. Each one had a little bit to offer that just blew my mind. For better or worse.

First, in an article in Punkt SE about a Finnish guy who killed a father, mother, and their son in Sweden and who is about to be released despite the life sentence he received. From the defense attorney “Livstid ska inte vara livstid. Alla måste få en andra chans, hur grymt brottet än är.” Which translates to, “A life sentence shouldn’t be a life sentence. Everyone must get a second chance, no matter how brutal the crime is.”

Second, a huge headline on the front of the Metro that said “Lurade hundratals med penispiller,” “Tricked hundreds with penis pills.” Yup, a guy was selling calcium pills under the guise of penis enlarging pills. Who needs a Swedish Penis Pump like Austin Powers when you can get penis pills straight from Sweden? He got caught. I laughed.

Another headline, this one a bit smaller and found in City. “Jessica handlar för 10 000 i månaden,” or “Jessica goes shopping for 10 000 SEK every month.” And that’s pronounced Yessica not Jessica. Come on, say it like a Swede. This girl spends nearly $2,000 a month on clothes and shoes and beauty products. She says it’s especially bad in the fall and winter because she feels a little depressed.

And finally, this one also from Metro. “Jultomten stannar i 34 mikrosekunder,” “Santa stops for 34 microseconds.” That’s all the time he has if he’s going to make it across the entire world. No word if this includes the time it takes to leave coal in the stockings of all the bad little boys and girls. This according to a Swedish research group that apparently has way too much time here in the dark of winter. But I loved it.

Well there you have it. The news from Sweden that blew my mind. In one way or another. I love free newspapers.

Welcome to Sweden.


  1. I think if the law says 20 years equals 3 murders and you think it's not enough, it's not the murderer to blame for it. The law is not fair enough then. In Sweden it would've been less than 10 years, I guess? Yes, I'm a FinNish guy too, but I have no sympathy for the murderer.

    Damn, you 'stole' my story here :) I was about to write about that penis man today. Well, maybe I still do, because I have a different angle to it (?) LOL

  2. ahhmm...I wonder if the swedish government is friends with Bush and his crooked ways. maybe their heads aught to be smacked together. The only difference is that Bush wouldnt release them from jail. same shit though. war-jail...all acting like idiots

  3. @Smek This, I'm glad you still wrote about penis pills. I think the world deserves to hear about this.

    @Mrs. Cecrux, well to be fair here it is actually the Finnish government releasing the murderer.