Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Swedish Swede in America - Forsberg Returns to Colorado

Peter Forsberg is going back to Colorado. And I peed myself a little bit when I found out. Seriously. Number 21 is back in Denver. And life is good. Even if I am in Stockholm not able to see one of the greatest hockey players of all time pull that beautiful jersey back over his head.

The signing has been taking a beating in the hockey world. Except for in Sweden where everyone is just pumped to see him back in the NHL. Forsberg’s been hurt for years. His foot. Rumor has it he’s not anymore. But there’s still a bit of a risk. A five million dollar risk. But to borrow a tried and true sporting phrase – the upside is huge.

People are bitching and moaning that he took the easy way out. That by going to Colorado he wasn’t taking any risks. The idea being that by going to Colorado, a team that is on the cusp of the playoffs, he might not have to play as many games since they might not even make the playoffs. Even if they do make the playoffs, by playing in Colorado, he’s not expected to perform as well just because he’s back in Denver. He’s already cemented his legacy.

Bullshit. If anything he needs to perform. He will enter the Hall of Fame as an Av. To go back there and play like a chump is a disgrace. His two years in Philadelphia? No one will remember if he mans up and plays like the Forsberg of just a few years ago. But if he can’t even finish the season? Then everyone will look back at those years after having left Colorado the first time as the beginning of the end. Had he gone to any other team, there would have been fewer expectations. They don’t know how he used to be. But I do. Colorado does.

A magician. The things he could do with the puck were amazing. He had vision unmatched by anyone. He would put pucks in places that a puck had no business being. He would find teammates that didn’t even know they were open. It was a thing of beauty. And it’s Colorado Avalanche fans that remember that. The rest of the hockey world remembers years of injury in Philadelphia. Shortsighted. And stupid. Because Forsberg’s back in the Rockies.

Peter Forsberg will lead the Avalanche deep into the playoffs. And I just peed myself a little. Again.


  1. I love Foppa but honestly, he gotta know wen to stop. He's been injured for so long now that maybe he should start thinking about retiring. At least I think so..


  2. you do realize he's only 34. has only played 11 years in the nhl. and even when he was hurt he was averaging just over a point per game. plus the last time he missed signinficant time and came back to play he led the playoffs in scoring.

  3. Hey Man -

    Like the blog. My wife and I will be moving to Lund this fall from Nashville, so we are on the lookout for all things Swedish, and your blog has been a really interesting resource for us. If you don't mind we may try to float you a few questions (logistical, cultural, or otherwise) now and then.

    But you are wrong about Forsberg. When he joined the Preds last year everybody was ecstatic. We thought, he's past his injuries, he'll lift us through the playoffs, once a play maker always a play maker. We thought wrong. But here's to hoping.

    Also, having read about your lack of American sporting TV, which I am very concerned about myself, look into something called the slingbox. I haven't done too much research yet but supposedly its a glorious device that you can attached to a TV, say at your parents or whatever, and then get that signal on your computer anywhere in the world. Here's a link:

    Again, thanks for the blog, we really enjoy it!

  4. Hairy,
    While I share your general enthusiasm, the list of players achieving success after injury induced layoffs, in the twilight of their career is quite short! But here's to hope!
    As a former PA resident maybe I'm just blinded by his years as a Flyer!!!!

  5. As a Wings fan, I am saddened. I'm glad to see Forsberg is playing again , though. He's very talented.

  6. @John - definitely feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment.

    also...nashville was clealry an awful abberation. hopefully.

    and I have heard about the slingbox but haven't checked it out. depending on what sports channels you get you can actually catch some stuff. tv4 sport shows some nba. eurosport shows some nfl and nhl. and then viasat sport shows a little bit of other stuff.

    @travis - you're back! Im glad. I needed some extra sports comments. you're obviously right about the forced layoff ue to injury but I just think back to his return to the playoff after having his spleen removed. gives me chills still. which is true and maybe a little sad that it does but whatever.

    and in defense of the philly years, he was still popping out over a point per game.

    @rinalyn - Im a little bummed youre a red wings fan. years of avsgame made my first response to yell red wings suck. but you're right - theres something to be said of talent regardless of the jersey, just like stevie y.

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