Monday, March 10, 2008

A Bomb in Stockholm

A bomb exploded yesterday morning in the middle of Stockholm. Around 7 am windows were being busted out and smoke was rising and a security company’s car was blown-up. I was safe in bed. Thank you for caring. And no one else seemed to be hurt either. But I saw the news. And read the articles. And immediately I realized something:

I automatically suspect some sort of terrorist act when I hear of bombs. Terrorism as in trying to blow up and kill lots of people. Not terrorism like a few kids setting off pipe bombs. Which was not the case here but still, just clarifying. Maybe it’s my Americanism shining through.

And a bomb in a central part of Stockholm after the demonstrations against the Mohammed round-about dogs and all the threats that followed have made people think a little bit more about possible terrorist attacks. But it is still Sweden. A country that takes an insane amount of refugees from all over the world. So they aren’t usually that high on the shit list. Although, Sweden does have troops in Afghanistan. Did just recently tighten immigration, specifically from Iraq. Did print pictures of Mohammed which, as Denmark already demonstrated, is frowned upon by the Muslim world.

This explosion follows a few arrests just a couple of weeks ago. Three Somalis were arrested for possible terror links, one of whom was later released. They were sending money to terrorist organizations. But apparently Sweden and the Nordic region is said to be a bit of a hotbed for terrorists. Not that they are hanging out here blowing things up. But that they are recruiting people. They are getting money. They are prepping. I was intrigued to find out that the far north of Europe was even involved. A bit surprising really. But at the same time, Sweden, and possibly other areas of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, has taken in a large number of immigrants from the Middle East. People who are fleeing war. People who might be a bit angry with what is going on. And really who is going to suspect Sweden? They’re neutral remember?

But back to the bomb. They already got someone. We don’t know his name. Only that it is a he. And he is 29. And a bar owner in swanky Stureplan. Where I have yet to go out because the few times I’ve tried my clothing has been insufficient according to the doorman. Now you might question how one goes about owning a bar in the fashionable Stureplan area. Some people are entrepreneurial. Gifted. Driven. Others might be involved with people who think setting bombs and blowing up cars of security companies is a good idea. Sounds like maybe there was something else driving this young entrepreneur to become a bar owner at the age of 29.


  1. good write up hairy. I think it's clear that no country is immune to such acts of violence these days. Also, I believe you can find people within EVERY countries borders that are somehow connected/involved in terrorism.
    Maybe if the U.S. hears there are a bunch of terrorists in Sweden we'll be over to help out :)

  2. Agreed on all counts. The downside of the international community that is emerging is the bad will come with the good.

    Not sure how pumped Swedes would be if the US was giving help though... might be entertaining to see actually.

  3. I should point out that this bomb is not thought to be linked to any sort of terrorist group per se. Possibly some sort of mafia organized crime group though. So still terrorist but not blowing up trains in Madrid or buildings in the US terrorist.

  4. totally joking about U.S. helping out before anyone jumps on me about that!

  5. come on travis - I think it's clear that you are advocating imperialism by the US.

    but good call on the joking comment. sometimes things get lost a bit in translation. and in the written online form.