Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spanish Observations by a Swedish American

Spaniards can smoke inside. Which makes me stinky.

Madrid is surprisingly clean. I was expecting more of a Roman feel. I was wrong. Well maintained and quite lovely.

The toilets (at least the ones I have used) have a little platform and aren’t filled with water. I remember running into this in Germany when I was about 12 and being fascinated by it. I still am. But it still kind of grosses me out.

Spanish kids love life. Everywhere. Running around, playing, laughing. It’s amazing. So much enjoyment.

Spaniards don’t speak much English at all. Which is kind of fun if you’re trying to work on your Spanish. But can also be rough when trying to ask the hostel lady if you can leave your luggage for the day.

Having lived in Colorado has taught me a lot more Spanish than I realized. Kind of interesting to realize that you have picked up a bunch of phrases and words having only studied Spanish for 6 weeks in 6th and 7th grade.

The Spanish sun is strong. Or stronger than the Swedish winter sun. And I am still sunburned.

Madrid has a pretty interesting history considering all of the wars (WWI, Civil War, WWII) at the beginning of the 1900s.

Spanish people are short. I tower over them. Both men and women everywhere often come only up to my shoulders.

Catholic processions for the Easter holiday can be kind of creepy. Mostly because they wear purple KKKesque robes. So while I stood towering over people able to see these processions I was creeped out. While the Spaniards saw this as a very religious and holy experience. Interesting perspectives.

I’m loving the little Spanish vacation.

Notice the creepy little cult member to the left in the picture.


  1. the sun sounds wonderful.
    what a great trip. lucky you

  2. Sounds like I want take a trip to Madrid too! I will keep this post in mind when I'm planning our next trip to the warmth of the Sun.

  3. it was wonderful. and I really enjoyed Madrid. very nice place.

    and if anyone cares... I recommend a trip out there.