Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden Loves

A shameless plug for a good friend. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what friends are for.

A buddy of mine has started up a website called It is of course a glorious website because, while he might be a good friend, I’m not going to throw in a shameless plug for something that is worthless. That’s just not my style.

Basically, it’s a nice site with some funny stuff, some satire ranging from current news stories to sports to how rappers make money. All with a bit of humor, and hopefully, some intelligent opinions throw in. So check it out.

Sign up for his newsletter and check out the site for a week or two. That should be enough time to decide whether he is completely full of nonsense, or at least worth reading every now and again. And really that’s all we can ask for I suppose. The goal is to update nearly every day so there should be some new content to read pretty regularly.

I’ll even be throwing in a few posts for him once and a while. So obviously look for that, I’ll be writing as David Karl, not as the Hairy Swede you have all come to know and love.

And while I’m plugging websites, take a look to the right of my site and click on some blogs that I recommend. Again, these are of course only the best. Pretty entertaining, and nearly all have ties to Sweden. And to really scratch that European travel itch check out Europe a la Carte which should be up and running by the 3rd of March (as in tomorrow).

So there it is - my day of good blogging deeds is complete.

And for those of you who are just dying to know. I watched some of Vasaloppet. And it was boring. And all I could keep thinking about is what if a wolf or some large bear came bounding out of the woods and attacked one of the skiers. They are in the middle of nowhere. Now that would make for some intense TV.


  1. Honestly, it wasn't that good.Saying that Obama has got a big dick and likes to show it isn't political satire dude

  2. You're killing me... but fair enough. In fairness to Ellis though, not everything is meant to be satire. Some of it is just meant to be ridiculous. And this is more a commentary on the role religion plays in politics than Obama really. There's a series explaining Gods opinion about all of the remaining candidates.

    However, it was for this very reason that I suggested checking it out for a week or two. Hell, sometimes I think what he writes is absolute nonsense. But I tend to be entertained. And that's always a plus.

  3. @anonymous number 1 - you should actually shoot him an e-mail through the contact page. this is a new site so a little feedback would probably be good.

  4. I think you have to have a sense of humor to like this site. If you do, I would say this is a pretty funny site. But then again, some things aren't for everyone.