Monday, March 17, 2008

The Swedish Winter Fights Back

After being taunted by spring the Swedish winter has struck back. The winter’s way of saying not to mess with it bitch. And it snowed. Or slushed I suppose is a better description. Because it was cold enough for it to stick but warm enough for it to turn into what can best be described as a pina colada slurpee.

The kind of stuff that seems to just build up without making the change to either water or snow. It wasn’t even draining into the sewers. Very interesting.

On the walk back I was soaked down to my socks. And the cuffs of my pants had a nice brownish hue to them. Despite this I am pumped. I’m hoping for the temperature to continue to drop. Because that means real snow. And real snow is hard to beat. And real snow would also signal what I have been hoping for. A real Swedish winter. You know, bad weather, cold temperatures, bitter near Arctic Circle weather. I have been sorely disappointed. But I have faith.

We’ll see how it goes. The only downside could be the commute tomorrow if the weather continues. Because despite this being Sweden. And being close to the Arctic Circle as I already mentioned. And despite winter coming every single year. SL, the lovely Stockholm public transportation system, has yet to figure out how to run trains on time when it snows. Or at least pendeltågs on time. Seeing as how that’s my main form of transportation I can’t speak for the rest of SL’s services. But the trains struggle.

But I’ll take it if it means winter hasn’t given up quite yet. Plus I’m heading off to Spain soon so Swedish weather can do whatever the hell it wants. I’m going to the Iberian peninsula.


  1. Screw you! I want summer!

  2. Hjalmar is by far the most aggresive Swede I have run into...

    I blame the Swedish darkness. I forgive you Hjalmar.

    But come on... it's still March. Not time for summer yet.

  3. Come on, everyone's entitled to their little outburst sometimes

  4. @robban - it's true.. I was just giving hjalmar a hard time

    @sapphire - well said.