Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stockholm’s Central Station Freezes

Today was April Fool’s day. You know, first day of April, cute little jokes for everyone to partake in. The newspapers played a few jokes. But a campaign called World Freeze takes the cake. They did some glorious work today in Central Station at 18:00. That’s 6 in the pm for those of you scoring at home.

They froze. For five minutes they froze. And it was pretty damn cool to see. I had read about it in the newspaper and also heard about it on the radio so I was prepared and DCP met me at the station as I was coming home from work. It seems this kind of started with a group called Improv Everywhere when they froze at Grand Central Station in New York City. Very cool.

The guy on the radio said he was hoping to start a discussion about the stressful lives that people lead and what would happen if everyone just froze for a few minutes. Plus it’s kind of a fun little prank. And community art I suppose also. It did it all.

Whether it started a stress related dialogue I don’t know. But it was pretty sweet to see. I did not freeze. Because I am not part of the group. I did however take some video with my handy digital camera. I’ve never posted a video from this camera before so we’ll see how it goes. All I know is that there is a lot of noise in Stockholm’s Central Station that I am apparently tuned out too. Until the video plays. So just a heads up. Background noise is intense.

This video shows the moments before everyone unfroze.


  1. Nice job with the video--amazing what people can do when they work together

  2. that was cool. i saw a video of the one in New York also. Pretty amazing.

  3. Very cool. More videos, please! :o)

  4. @john - thanks, yeah it was pretty cool to see.

    @anonymous - the one in New York is incredible.

    @isle dance - Ill see what I can do. this was just so cool though, even if it was only 30 some seconds on a digital camera.