Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Swedish American in Sweden. Again.

I made it back to the Kingdom of Sweden. I was forced to leave the US a little earlier than planned. Through no fault but my own. And, as the following post will demonstrate, the lesson is as always – never listen to me.

My flight plan had been changed early on. Nearly two months ago. So I have been working off of the changed ticket ever since. Never really thinking of that original ticket. It had been changed. Who needs to look at that? Me. Apparently.

I was convinced that I was leaving the US on Tuesday evening. I had told plenty of people this. I hadn’t had a chance to see MER and MMMH and so had plans to do so Monday night. Monday morning I began thinking of the flight back. It seemed like a good time to start thinking about it. Last minute things to do. That sort of thing.

But then I really started thinking. I was leaving Tuesday at 8:20 pm. And was arriving in Stockholm on Tuesday at 9:30 pm. Think about that. Yup. You’ll notice exactly what I did. That’s damn near impossible. Granted the whole time thing change. But that’s only eight hours to Stockholm. The flight itself to London takes eight hours. So I checked my e-ticket. It said I was leaving at 8:20 pm and arriving at 9:30 pm on Tuesday. Interesting.

So, as I dug through my e-mail looking for the original ticket my old, old, old mother called United. As she spoke with the lovely United representative I found my e-mail. And at about the same time we realized that I was leaving at 8:20 that very night. The old man was called, he was just as convinced that I was leaving on Tuesday. Hell, he was the one that booked the flight. He was also wrong.

We were all wrong. Luckily, it was figured out in time. United hadn’t put the departure date on the updated ticket. Just the arrival date. My mom said that it was a good thing I had travelled before because someone who hadn’t done much traveling probably wouldn’t have realized that. I think she was just trying to make me feel better. Because it was a pretty dumb move on my part. But I made it back from good old Colorado.

Having been there I realized something very important. Before it’s all said and done, I’m moving back to Colorado. Those mountains are just too big of a draw to be ignored. They are huge. And intimidating. And beautiful. And so very skiable. And even the ugliness of the wide open plains is beautiful in an inexplicable way. Maybe because of the wide openness, being able to see for miles in every way.

But now Sweden awaits.

Welcome Back to Sweden.


  1. Hej, just wanted to say I know what you mean about Colorado. I lived there for two years, and even seven years later just a picture of the mountains causes an emotional response. There's nothing like being up over the tree-line, about to see forever. Sadly Australia is such a worn out old continent that all our mountains are low and rounded. Not the same at all...

  2. I'm off to CO this Friday, any recommendations of things to do/places to go/alcohol to drink in and around Denver?

  3. and you got to ski in april!! colorado is the BEST!!

  4. glad you made it back to Sweden safe and sound. Did DCP enjoy the taco bell????

  5. @tracey - Australia has the openness though. but you're right. they are sorely lacking in large intimidating mountains.

    @john - Colorado has some glorious microbrews. check them out. brewery tours are pretty cool, can find a couple of them out in Golden, the big one of course being Coors.

    Go to a Rockies game, or Nuggets game, or Avs game. The Avs and Nuggets are in the playoffs ad should be at home around then.

    Drive up to the mountains.

    Go skiing at A-Basin or Breck (which amazingly is said to be open this coming weekend).

    Go to Boulder and wander Pearl Street.

    @anonymous - indeed I did. thats hard to beat.

    @anoynnmous - she did. and it wasn't too smushed.

  6. Missed your post, but actually did hit the lefthand brewery in Longmont for a Tour. Thanks for the advice! you certainly do have a beautiful state.

  7. it is hard to beat. glad you enjoyed yourself.

    just heard from the old parents that it is supposed to be 85 there today. and possibly snow either tomorrow or the next day. it is a great state. not sure I can still claim it as mine having lived in Sweden for nearly a year. But Ill keep doing it anyway.