Sunday, April 13, 2008

Swedish Grocery Shopping Adventures

I went grocery shopping on a Sunday in Kungens Kurva here in Stockholm. This may not have been the smartest idea ever. But now that I’m a working man grocery store trips after work don’t sound too appealing. So instead I put this off until the weekend. Which is what everyone else seems to do. It was packed. And ridiculous. But it worked. And I got what I needed… and more.

Because after having bitched and moaned about all the small packages of milk I hit the jackpot. I’ve been going for the 1.5 liter lately. So much better than the 1 liter. But today it happened. I stumbled upon a 2 liter carton of milk. Straight from a dairy in Skåne. The land of friendly people and big cartons of milk. Skåne is literally the land of milk and honey. Or at least milk.

It was kind of sad how happy this made me. I actually let out a little yelp. A happy yelp if you will. It’s the little things. All I know is that now I’m not going to have to run to the store every third day for milk. I might be able to get an extra day or two out of it.

The ramifications of this are huge. I have a habit of also buying something else when I go to the store for milk. And by something else I mean candy. So instead of 10 crowns for milk I end up spending 10 crowns plus my godis money. And that adds up when you’re going so often. Because this Swedish candy is addictive. And evil. But that’s a story for another day.

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  1. When you're in a foreign country and find something that is more similar to your home country it can make you yelp out of happiness. It's Ok... Even if it's such a small (or by Swedish standards: big) thing as a 2 liter-package of milk. A friend of mine who lived in US for a year reacted the same when she found some Swedish candy in USA..

  2. Wait, wait, wait.

    I demand instructions on how to get this magical place!

  3. you're right robban, it's amazing what reminds you of home. like a bigger container of milk. or swedish candy in the US.

    @chuyskywalker - you're right... I really dropped the ball on this. it is of course none other than Willys at Heron City ( it's in the Kungens Kurva area). The Swedish equivalent of cheap and bulky grocery shopping.

    Go towards the back of the store. there you will find a walk in dairy section. it is cold. be prepared. as you walk in go to your left there you will see a wall of yogurt and milk. there is a post very near the wall of milk (poorly placed I might add) it was right next to this post that I found my 2 liter containers of milk. God speed.

  4. Love your blog. Question - would you be willing to talk about basketball in Sweden? I'm doing a series of articles over at Sports Diva Magazine on international basketball and would like to profile Sweden next.

    E-mail address is cihastings at gmail dot com.

  5. Yes, talk about basketball. Please tell me you were able to watch the best championship game since 1987.

    A lack of Swedish media coverage for the greatest sporting event on earth— of course I mean the NCAA tournament— vexes me. It vexes me greatly.

  6. @ Carolyn - I love basketball.

    @John - I'll see what I can do. and I have a confession. One that hurts. I didn't see a single second of live March Madness this spring.

  7. Ahh! I was going to ask for directions, but chuyskywalker (my boyfriend) seems to have beaten me to it! Thank you!

  8. chuyskywalker is quick, you found yourself a good one clearly. and good luck with the willys shopping.

  9. I meant to comment on this a while ago, but since posting this I have yet to see the 2 liter carton of milk anywhere else. Anyone have any other sightings? It's like bigfoot...

  10. It's back. The 2 liter carton/jug of milk is back at Willy's. Just a couple of weeks ago I was there and bought milk in a 2 liter carton/jug.

  11. what is the cost of two kinds of fruit, two kinds of vegetables, and two types of drink in sweden?

  12. Milk: 16.98 SEK for 2 liters
    Apple Juice: 18.98 SEK for 1 liter

    Bananas: 16.90 SEK for 1 kilo
    Clementines: 17.90 SEK for 1 kilo

    Red Bell Pepper: 27.90 SEK for 1 kilo
    Red Onion: 9.90 SEK for 1 kilo

    on December 12, 2009.