Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones in Sweden

Went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie last night here in Stockholm. It was pretty solid. And it was nice to be able to watch a movie that wasn’t three months old. Sweden has a habit of being a little bit behind n the new releases. Every once and a while the big movies will come out at about the same time as they do in the US. A world premier if you will. That seems to have been the case here. And I’m glad. Good to feel a part of that Hollywood world. All the way over here in Stockholm.

I’ve managed to see movies in the US right before coming to Sweden only to find out that they are hyping the Swedish premier here. Kind of puts a damper on things when I tell people I already saw the movie in theaters. It also seems like it really kills the selling potential. I would imagine that a lot of Swedes just go online and download it seeing as how some movies have been out for months in the US. I understand that it takes some time to work out all the translating and subtitles and all that. But come on. Put a little effort in and I’m sure the extra movie sales would make up for it.

Anyway, the movie was solid. Commies were the enemy as opposed to the Nazis of the past. And I read today that the Communist party in Russia is fired up and wants to ban the movies. They say that it teaches young Russians that they were in the US in the 1950s trying to start nuclear war and chasing ancient relics in order to take over the world. Of course, seeing as how this is a fictional movie it seems to me that the Russians should instead be worrying about their current educational system that allows for young Russians to actually take Indiana Jones movies for fact.

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