Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summertime in Sweden

It’s summer weather in Sweden. Sweden pays no attention to the weather calendar that we in the US are used to. Summer comes when it gets warm. Not when a certain date tells us. And I love it.

According to meteorologists in Sweden, summer is when you get a 24-hour mean temperature of 10 degrees Celsius five days in a row. So that means your average day is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Doesn’t sound too warm right? It’s not. But that’s because it’s calculating the middle of the night temperature as well as the middle of the day temperature.

You can also have summer temperatures. This is when you get the 24-hour mean temperature of 10 degrees Celsius for one to four days.

I love this system. And I love it because it makes sense. For some reason, it always bothered me in Colorado when the calendar said it was spring, and the thermometer said it was spring, and then the next day it snowed. Not because I didn’t like the snow or the crazy weather changes, but because I didn’t like just having an arbitrary day tell me when the seasons changed. Luckily moving to Sweden has remedied that. I’m a simple man really.

This weekend it’s supposed to be 20-25 degrees Celsius depending on where you are. That’s between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you scoring at home. Oh yeah, and sunrise today was at 4:25 a.m. The sun is supposed to set at 9:04 p.m. That’s pushing 17 hours of daylight.

Welcome to Sweden and the glorious summertime.


  1. Yeah, it's wonderful, I've just been to the beach. Freezing cold in the water, though... Of course

  2. Swimming on the West Coast is awesome, the water is 15-17 degrees, which is supposed to be good for your health and sex-life (male. Ther eis nothing better than eating dinner putside until midnight in your back yard.
    The biggest shock is when you walk out of a bar at 2 in the morning and the SUN is staring yotu in the face and you have to go to bed!!

  3. I have my own method of telling when the Summer has arrived: I start walking on the shadowy side of the street. Yup, and sitting on the bench that lies in the shadow... But it's good to have warm days for awhile. A fine excuse to drink ciders and stuff :)

  4. it is glorious isn't it? went camping over the weekend and had the sun staring back at me before 5 in the morning. good times indeed.