Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Swedish Army Naked. With a Rocket Launcher.

The Swedish military has been hit by a few scandals recently. They are said to have done nothing as the French tortured a man in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2003.

Then there are the elite soldiers accused of buying sex in Gabon. In 2006.

And now there is this. Naked soldiers shooting rocket launchers. And filming themselves. Also in 2006.

Good times in the Swedish military. But my question has to be this. Why are these things being brought up now? These all happened a while ago, some of them having already been brought to the attention of the Swedish people. Yet here they are again.

Either way this video is ridiculous. I think you’d have to be half idiot to shoot a rocket launcher naked. Seems like certain things just shouldn’t be done naked. Playing with large tank piercing weapons that get really hot has to be somewhere at the top of the list. The screaming suggests that the soldiers learned this also.

I suppose some people are upset because of the lack of discipline in the army. The lack of respect. Mostly I’m just upset because it seems like there are a bunch of idiots running around with rocket launchers.

But that didn’t stop me from getting a kick out of the video.

Welcome to Sweden.


  1. Seriously, haven't y'all heard of a little something called esprit de corps? Nothing builds morale and comradery like firing off some LAW rockets naked. Look it up; It's a fact.

  2. how could I have forgotten the main point in chapter 4 of the how to be a man manual?

    I apologize. I'd like to thank the good doctor for pointing this out.

  3. Generally I think the swedish military is rather level-headed and disciplined, probably why swedish peace keeping troops usually have quite a good reputation. Did my "värnplikt" in 2006 and thought it was a good education with generally modern leadership. (Note here that I'm talking about general attitude and training here, not macro-level defense politics. Which is an entirely different discussion).

    Too bad there's still shit like this (even though this incident was a couple of years old) I think (hopefully) that things like these are quite rare, that is also my experience.

  4. @aonymous - I think you're right. but it just seems like all sorts f things are making the news recently. but most of them sem to be a couple of years old which seems a little strange. but either way this was kind of ridiculous to watch.