Monday, May 19, 2008

Swedish Soccer Song

The European Championship, or Euro 2008 for those in the know, in soccer is about to begin. It’s kind of like the World Cup. But without the rest of the world. Eurocentric if you will. Sweden seemed to end up with a pretty good draw group wise. No group of death. So that’s always a plus. I’ll probably watch a game or two because I’m here and it seems like that is what you’re supposed to do.

But what really intrigues me is the singing. Sweden has an official EM song. EM being the Swedish way of abbreviating European Championship (I’m not in the know). They also have plenty of unofficial ones. And this is all over. Seen it in the newspaper, online, on TV, they even have commercials about EM songs. It’s mind boggling.

Apparently a while back (maybe last tournament? The World Cup?) the official song kind of got pushed to the side as an unofficial one high jacked the ratings. And I know this. Not because I was here for it. But because it has been brought up this year. Anyway, this year it will be sung by a little kid. Frans. He’s 10 years old. He was behind the song of the last tournament. Now the question remains: will he be able to push this one to the top of the soccer charts? Or will this be a case of the counter culture rearing its head and saying no to the already established Frans and his soccer themed singing? Only time will tell if it will be this song Swedes sing in the streets of Stockholm to celebrate a victory.

This is an amazing country though isn’t it? Some countries have to devote news time to murders, natural disasters, and all kinds of depressing news. Sweden can devote time to songs about soccer.

Welcome to Sweden.


  1. Well, he got a hit with his earlier song about Zlatan so maybe this will be seen in the charts too. Who knows? Not me. I don't even care, I just care about the football being played there. Now with Zlatan making an extraordinary comeback in the Italian league final after his knee injury, Henrik Larsson making his comeback from retiring from national football "forever" (not the first time, either), Källström winning the French league with Lyon I've got more hope this time than I had 2006. But I won't bore you with more boring "soccer talk" now. You've probably had you're share for today...

    By the way, EM is short for Europeiska Mästerskapet.

  2. I would like to hear the song. You must link to it when it is available and then of course, translate the lyrics into English so I can understand. I will be impatiently waiting.
    Forever Yours,

  3. chase: this is the song he sung last time

  4. Don't ask where I read this, but today I read something that said "Soccer is better than a root canal, but not as good as vomiting"--just for you Hairy!

  5. Without the rest of the world? And that comes as a surprise? :-P It is called The European Championship after all. We don't call it "the world series" anyway ;-)

  6. Do they have the EM every two years? annually? Isn't there also a pan-Euro tournament pitting the best teams (not countries) from all the A leagues in Europe? I seem to remember hearing that both Chelsey and ManU qualified for something like this recently...

    Anyway, I suppose I'll have to add this EM as number 3 on my "times I care about soccer list" behind:

    1. making the Mexicans cry.
    2. watching the U.S. choke in the world cup.

  7. Hairy,
    Good post. Yes of course the whole song idea is silly but it's not as if Sweden is alone on this issue!
    England usually has an official song but alas they didnt qualify this time!!!!!
    It's also worth mentioning that England's official song usually charts in the top 10 for singles.

    And for you U.S. sports fan, is this any different then the "Super Bowl Shuffle"???? Even more embarrassing, "the super bowl shuffle" was nominated for a grammy!!!!!

    And Peter, the other tourney you are referring to is the Champions League and as you said it's a European Club tournament.
    And to your point about U.S. choking in the world cup? My definition of choking is when you are SUPPOSED to win and fail to do so....Anyone that followed soccer hardly thought they were supposed to win or show well in world cup 06.

  8. So do they alternate champions league and the EM, every other year?

    As for choking, I for one fully expected them to make it out of the round robin (and believe they would have had it not been for our "group of death with Ghana, Czech, and Italy). But I suppose what I was referring to was the magic act they pulled by making their offense disappear.

  9. Champions League is every year...
    The Euros are every four years just like the World Cup

    I know Sweden has hosted a World Cup but have they ever hosted the Euros? Next stop for the Euros is I believe Ukraine in 2012

  10. Nice to see all the football knowledge coming out from the Americans!

    Sweden hosted the Euros in 1992 and we've came to the semifinals. It was part of our 90s golden era with Brolin, Dahlin, Kenneth Andersson, Ravelli and the rest. Champions leauge, for anyone who wants to know is tonight (in Swedish time), by the way.

    I actually want to second what Mattias said - I mean, what is the deal with calling your national baseball league the world series? That's as if we would call Allsvenskan world series. That would be funny...

  11. Robban,
    That must have been a tough pill to swallow watching Denmark win in 92!!! Especially after how they snuck into the tournament!!

    Last time I was in Sweden I had dinner at Brolin's restaurant...I had to go just so I could say I was there!
    Ravelli is a famous name to many American soccer fans because he played in our professional league for a year or two.

    I will be rooting hard for Sweden in Euro 08!!! Hopefully there is a little magic left in Larsson!!

    I'm with you on the absurdity of calling our baseball championship the world's complete nonsense and another example of American ethnocentrism.

  12. Paraphrased from wiki:

    "World's Championship Series" was first used in the 1880s. At the time, baseball was pretty exclusive to North America, thus it was understood that the winner of the major league championship was the best baseball team in the world.

    Eventually, Japan and some Latin American countries formed pro leagues... and many of their best players matriculated to MLB.

    Early in 2006, Major League Baseball conducted the inaugural World Baseball Classic, to establish a "true" world's championship in the way the term is normally used for other international sports. Teams of professional players from 16 nations participated. Japan won the first World Baseball Classic championship.

    The answer to your question, I suppose then, is "Tradition."

  13. Travis, yeah, you're right. Especially since there's all this rivalry going on between Sweden and Denmark. The cocky bastards... But we actually beat the Danes in the group stage, so I think that shows who were the better team.

    That is very cool. I mean, even if the food would have been crappy it would have been worth it, right?

    A little magic? Did you watch him play for Manchester last year? Larsson's back, alright. Thanks for the support, it's appreciated.

    John Steiner - I think it's a little weird saying it's "tradition" to call a national league the world series. Sure, baseball is an American sport and mostly played there but still, I think it's very egocentric, so I got to side with Travis and Mattias on this one.

  14. I'm warning you, H.S. You'll get hooked on soccer sooner or later and then there's no going back :)

    The EM games are more of high quality than the World Cup. There's no Saubi-Arabia or China playing - no hard feelings but they do not have that good soccer teams. And if you remember, the last WC had 7 European countries in the final 8! Brazil being the obvious outsider. So, it'll be a world class football for all to enjoy. At least I will, I hope you would too!

  15. I'm not trying to defend it's appropriateness as name, just trying to come up with an explanation.

  16. this discussion took off. I love it.

    for those of you wondering I tried watching the Man U - Chelsea game the other night. Made it to halftime and then I was done. I can't get into it. I even watched with a bunch of people who were into the sport. I keep trying. We'll see what happenes with Euro 2008. Maybe something will click. But I'm starting to wonder...

  17. if you think it is funny to show football songs on news you should see my local newspaper!

  18. the real question then is where are you from?