Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Another Week in Stockholm

Another lovely spring week in Stockholm. A little warm. A little cold. Some green grass. Some flowers. Some sun. Some grey. It’s about par for the course in April here.

What is not par for the course is runner’s nipple. And I am suffering from it. It is real. And it hurts.

In a stunning turnaround I have been running on a regular basis. Of course, this whole running on a regular basis has really solidified my dislike for the chosen exercise of so many people. My legs hurt. But more importantly, my nipples hurt.

But it hasn’t been all pain this week. And not even all pain while running. I think I came upon a couple having a bit of an illicit affair. Or it was a drug deal. One or the other. I came running up from behind on a man and a woman. Stealthily of course. Not slobbering everywhere. Not clomping along dragging my hairy ass around. And of course, not panting as if I were climbing one of Colorado’s 14ers.

The two were holding hands. Until they heard me. At which point the woman quickly pulled her hand away and stuck it in her pocket. Either hiding her drugs or her hand holding. Obviously. The man was a bit sneakier. Leaving is hand in the hand holding position as if that’s just the way he walks. But I was on to him. And when they both snapped their heads around and gave the classic hand in the cookie jar look (the cookie jar being… well, you get it). They were up to no good. It did give me the opportunity to let my imagination run. Along with my poor legs.

And then there are the moments when I am remembered that I live on a city built on islands. Like today.

Sitting on the bus, the bus suddenly came to a stop. It was rush hour; it’s not all that unheard of. Of course, then the engine cut out. As a general rule, the engine cutting out on a bus isn’t really a good sign. But then I looked up. And saw what was once a bridge. Instead of being able to cross the bridge though, we were stuck in line as the bridge was raised so a very large sail boat could get through.

In actual news, the Pirate Bay case might have to be re-tried due to possible conflict of interest on the part of the ruling judge. Swedish unemployment rose to 8.3% in March. Two people were shot in the middle of Gamla Stan. And it’s supposed to be nearly 20 degrees (that’s Celsius) this weekend.

Welcome to Sweden.

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  1. What the heck is runner's nipple? I've heard of runner's high but this just has me going to dirty places in my mind.

  2. Runner's nipple is the very reason I brought a vial of Newskin® with me. I imagine they sell it (or its equivalent) in Sweden, but I wasn't willing to take that chance with my nipples.

    Also, and pardon my TMI, but it also works great for runner's-inner-thigh-rash. you know... for... when you... oh never mind.

    Xoan-Wahn, check it:

    That my friend is runner's nipple at its most severe.

  3. vaseline is good for runners nipple or the other also do they have that in Sweden?

  4. i'm not a geek by the way but what is this nipple pain and running thing, i mean i 've run couple of times like when was running away of our angry neighbor, i've never felt a pain in my nipples,though!!

  5. Nope, anonymous, we haven't heard of vaseline in Sweden yet. These American futuristic inventions :O

  6. Oh WOW, that picture makes runner's nipple look a lot more painful than it sounds...

  7. I get runner's everything. Ever run with boobs? Because if you think the nipple-shirt rubbing sucks, try the sports bra all around your chest rub. Red rashes that are not bikini friendly. But the rest of the bikini-benefits of running are a fair trade-off.

    And you see some pretty privileged things while running sometimes. Last summer on a Croatian Beach trail I came across (in one run) a girl, um, with her head in a guys lap, and a couple partly unclothed on a bench looking cozy. Unforgettable man.

  8. hey hairy .
    give up?
    long time no see dude! :)

  9. You need BodyGlide. Use it on feet, nipples...whatever. ;) I run year the cold...I'm a girl. Trust me. It works.

  10. Hey, was that you who commented on Skånska in The Local today?

  11. @xoán – John does an excellent job of explaining it. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    @john – good work on the picture. I might have to look for some of that stuff. Because its just uncomfortable.

    @anonymous – a good tip. And you know, Im not sure if they do sell Vaseline. It seems like they should, but I never use the stuff.

    @Michael – the problem was the running long distances while it was cold outside. This led to a sweaty shirt. But the cold led to erect nipples. And chafing.

    @Robban – coming through with a good comment. I expect nothing less.

    @demonforeveryday – yeah my nipples haven’t deteriorated to that yet. Yet.

    @m8surf – I have not tried running with boobs. Or a sportsbra for that matter. Ill be honest, Im probably not going to try. You didn’t exactly sell me on the idea.

    I think your running finds are much better than anything I have seen. But who knows, maybe one day…

    @micahel – no no. Just a bit of a lull. I’ve been out and about.

    @E – BodyGlide? Sounds intense. Anyone know where to get this stuff in Sweden?

    @anonymous – I quite The Local, but I usually don’t comment on their site. Sometimes on their old blog section I suppose.

  12. BodyGlide...looks like a stick of deodorant...sounds like something you'd find at a sex shop. Supposedly you can find it here:

  13. I didn't realize I was selling the idea. But I'm an American. And have an MBA. I can't be told I'm a bad saleswoman. How's this: Running with boobs, the best run possible! Half of the cars, bicyclests, and pedestrians will immediately stop to let you pass(the male half). You can buy really cute sports bras to match your shorts. And the best bonus is you can tuck the long cord of your ipod into your shoulder strap so the extra length doesn't whip around and hit you...You should definitely should try it!

    I bought vaseline at ICA Maxi.

  14. Yes, of course we have vaseline here. I was being sarcastic in my previous comment.

  15. @E - I think your decision nails it. well said. and I'll check it out.

    @m8 - well... if they sell them in orange so that they match my awesome orange sweats then maybe.

    @robban - that's why we keep you around.

  16. I think that zinc cream, the type they make for babies, is the best for runner's nipple and all the chaffing that running brings about! I get it a lot in the summer and I hate it but this stuff works like a charm. It even calms down my psoriasis:)

  17. @ robban - Don't worry. I totally got your sarcasm. I just ignored it. The comment was for those who seriously didn't know if/where to get it. Tough job keeping up with dense Americans, eh?

  18. m8surf - Not at all. My comment wasn't really meant to make fun of anyone. So for that reason, I guess it was ironic, rather than sarcastic. I understand it might be hard to know where to find it when you're living in a new country and that you don't have to be "a dense American" to not know that. But point taken.

    Ps. I think vaseline may also be found at the pharmacy/drugstore.

  19. @m8 and robban - glad we got that cleared up.