Monday, July 13, 2009

The Democratic Process and Swedish Blog Campaigning

I was recently nominated for a blogging award. Which is kind of cool. Because I am a selfish person who needs constant praise in order to help myself sleep at night. Luckily, since I am always right and awesome, praise is heaped upon me. But awards help too. And you have the chance to confirm that. So make sure to take part in the democratic process. And if you're still undecided, keep reading. I'm sure my campaign, with help from readers just like you, will help your decision.

And in case you’re thinking to yourself, “hmmm… I’m not too sure about this guy. I haven’t been impressed by the lack of writing lately. And he’s just kind of exhausting to read,” have no fear. I have culled some of the most supportive comments to help you make your decision.

Like Henrik, for example, who asks:
“Har du sniffat lim eller?”

Henrik thinks my writing is so good that it can only be aided by performance enhancing drugs. Like glue.

Or an anonymous supporter who says:
“förmodligen fattar du inte svenska heller din dumme jävel.”

Who was so impressed by my command of the English language that there was no way I could understand a second language.

Then there is Kurtgreger who says:
“Why don't you make us here a favour and get your ass out of Sweden again.”

Obviously Kurtgreger, despite spelling favour with a British “u” is American and just misses me. He wants me back in his country, to claim my superior writing skills as his own.

And who could forget when Anders said:
“You're a good writer, not very smart, but talented with words”

In the end, it’s the writing that counts. Intelligence is highly overrated. Just look at me.

And finally, anonymous says:
“vilken jävla tönt du är”

Well, actually, that’s just not very nice. I’m a dork, but a damn dork is just too much for me.

With all that said, I think it's pretty obvious who you should vote for. So head over to Lexiophiles and vote for me as one of the Top 100 Language Blogs 2009.

Welcome to Sweden. And a rousing endorsement from readers of this blog.

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  1. I think your humour & awesomeness (& rightness) are going to waste in Sweden. Kurt-whatever is correct. You need get your ass out of Sweden. But then I couldn't read your blog about living in Sweden, so maybe you should stay. (It is all about me.) Anyway...I voted for you.

  2. Ursäkta att jag inte skriver detta på engelska. Du lyckades verkligen ta fram kommentarer från intelligens-reserven verkar det som! :) Jag kan inte säga att jag håller med om allt som du brukar skriva här på bloggen. Men jag tycker för den delen inte att din blogg är dålig eller att du verkar korkad. Du håller en hög klass på dina inlägg och bör absolut få cred för det! Jag tror nog också att en del svenskar missar en del som sägs mellan raderna här ibland. Jag har förstått att du får en hel del skit för att du är amerikan. Det är absurt att vi svenskar inte ska vara förmer på så många sätt och vis, men när det kommer till att jämföra sig med amerikaner - då finns helt plötsligt inga spärrar. Din blogg är en av få som jag regelbundet tittar förbi!

  3. man great to see you back in the top of your form!
    Hairy hairy hairy löl

  4. Congratulation Hairy! I voted for you. By the way, people really need to relax a little. Your observations and thoughts are interesting and have people ever heard of sarcasm? Geez! Yes, you are an American but you are also a Swede and that gives you a very unique perspective. Don't listen to the haters!

  5. I've read your blog for about a year now (I'm a Swedish-American living in Atlanta). I often disagree with your political musings, but I like reading them, nonetheless. Your blog is smart and funny, and so are many of your readers--I think I enjoy the debate that you spark in the comments almost as much as your blog posts. Good job, Hairy; I voted for you and hope you win! -Jenn

  6. Done and done. Nice work Marcus. I didn't realize glue was a performance enhancing drug... you learn something new everyday!


  7. @E – Thanks! And I will keep that in mind. Since it is all about you.

    @J.L. – no worries at all, as always, I’ll respond in English. But thank you, probably the nicest comment I have ever received in Swedish. Im just happy you aren’t accusing me of sniffing glue or telling me to leave the country.

    And I realize a lot of my political views aren’t really normal for Sweden. But that’s the American side. And I think that’s what makes it so interesting. So I appreciate you at least reading my political nonsense. Even if you don’t agree. Thanks for checking in! And obviously, feel free to comment again.

    @Mike – I do what I can.

    @Néstor – Thanks! It’s true, most of the time though, I just think it’s hilarious. The sniffing glue comment was one of my favorites.

    @Jenn – Thanks! I’m glad that even if you don’t agree with me you can stomach reading mu nonsense. As I said above to J.L. I think that is where a lot of the fun stuff emerges. All of the disagreement, the difference, the debate (look at that alliteration) when the blog goes into the American vs. Swedish way of thinking.

    @tbaars - thanks timoil. Its only a special kind of glue that is a PED. Sold exclusively in Sweden that is harvested from the hooves of Odins horse. Obviously.

    By the way, I hear you have some biking stories that led to possibly needing some performance enhancing drugs.

  8. My exact words were “You're a good writer, not smart AT ALL, but talented with words," but you can use whatever you like, just as long as I get paid (as promised) for my vote.

  9. Accusations of voter fraud and incorrect references. It hurts. And none of it true.

    Come on now Anders, I copy and pasted from here:

    p.s. the check is in the mail...

  10. Wow, I really really like Henriks comment. Kinda cute I think.

    As a liberal finn I don't agree with all your opinions. But that´s just one of the biggest reasons why I keep reading your blog. Wouldn´t be too interesting to read someones writings who sees and experiences the world exactly like I do. Besides, I like the way you write, even when I think you´re "ute och cyklar".

    So, I guess I'll have to go and vote for you. Keep up the good (and sometimes irritating) work, Hairy!


  11. Whoaa... now I'm a bit upset. Some poor soul is trying to take credit for a comment I've made... on a soon to be award-winning blog!!

    @hairy - The fake Anders is not smart AT ALL, nor talented with words!!

    Copyright 2009 © The real Anders. All rights reserved.

  12. I guess people are still riding the "Fuck America" band wagon. I'm no fan of american politics, seeing as I'm a socialist weasel.

    I must however say that I love your writing and it has given me plenty of laughs and I keep coming back for more! The share insight of it all :D

    My vote, you haz it! (and I would give it again if I could ;)

  13. C'mon, real Anders. No one would have known the difference & you would have received credit for the funny comment by fake Anders. I was feeling so happy for you finding a sense of humor. I think I like fake Anders, but your copyright bit was maybe I'm warming up to real Anders. ;)

  14. Hairy FTW!!
    // The Ersc

  15. @anonymous – I don’t know if Henrik was going for cute. But I like the description.

    Thanks for the comment. And glad I haven’t scared you away with my opinion. And by the way, ute och cyklar… that’s another one of those good Swedish phrases to translate literally to English.

    @The real Anders – oh man… dueling Anders’. This is amazing. And overwhelming.

    @Tobias – it happens, and Im just glad that you haven’t completely bailed. The whole point of this blog is to throw out the different opinions I have of Sweden. An inside outsiders view if you will.

    And I appreciate the offer for voter fraud, so feel free to vote at work or school.

    @E – it seems that while Anders’ everywhere don’t think much of my intelligence, they do have a sense of humor.

    @anonymous – yeah wooooooooo!

  16. OK, OK, I voted for you already. Jeez, what a nag! Let's drink when you win, uh, what is it you will win?

  17. Good work! And well, to be honest, I don't really know. I think it's just the winning that is important.

  18. Keep us posted on how you did! You got my vote of course. I must admit that I have encountered only nice Americans, you included. A lot of exceptions to the rule I guess ;)

  19. YES! Thats what I like to hear. Thanks!