Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lördagsgodis in Sweden

Today is Saturday. And for kids throughout Sweden that means one thing. Lördagsgodis. Saturday candy. Americans have Saturday morning cartoons, Swedes have Saturday candy.

And this is engrained in just about every sugar craving kid under the age of 12. Hell, I remember when we first moved to the US trying to keep the Saturday candy tradition alive. That didn’t fly for too long, unfortunately. But at the same time, Swedish candy is just so much better than American candy.

Therein lies the origin of lördagsgodis. Saturday candy was invented so as to placate the masses. Because to deny children the sugary goodness of Swedish candy is damn near criminal, but to feed them as much as they want every day of the week results in a over-sugared, toothless, and eventually, very unhealthy population. So the Swedes decided that one day out of the week would be mandated as candy day. And what better day than Saturday? And so it stuck. Obviously. You can look it up.

Now just to be clear, plenty of candy gets eaten on other days of the week. Saturday is just the big one. But still, people make comments if kids are eating candy during the week. Just the other day, I walked by this very scenario playing out in front of me. An older woman was talking to a kid, maybe about 10 years old. I assumed the woman to be some sort of teacher, or maybe a coach. But to be honest, and kind of mean, judging from the kid’s physique he wasn’t taking part in too many athletic endeavors. Our young candidate for knubbiga barn was eating some candy. It was the middle of the week. And the teacher (we’re making a final assumption here) commented in surprise that he was eating candy… “och det är ju inte lördag,” “and it’s not Saturday!” This is a glorious country.

Welcome to Sweden. On a Saturday. Where kids everywhere celebrate by eating themselves sick with gummy goodness.

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  1. in love with the bilar candy ^^

  2. indeed swedish lösgodis is something special

  3. @ljus - I think my favorite candy is probably nappar. but bilar are delicious. have you tried the sour ones?

    @anonymous - agreed. maybe thats another reason why lördagsgodis came to be. the cnady is just so good it had to made into an event. like football on sundays.

  4. My Swedish husband receives Bilar (his favorite) in every package from Sweden.

    He's told me about the Saturday Candy thing, but these days every day is Saturday. ;o)

  5. Lördagsgodis is just a prelude to the Swedish alcohol policy. Even if it has become more socially acceptable to drink during the week it is still not totally accepted, not a part of the culture, something you regularly hear confirmed in the media - reports, studies etc.

    Lördagsgodis is kids in training - abstain during the week, consume like crazy on the weekends.....

  6. Have you tasted salty liquorice (salmiak)? It's pretty popular in Finland, but I've heard that elsewhere it's not. It's not good for your blood pressure in vast quantities, but then again, what would? That's my personal favorite anyway...

  7. Outside the topic, sorry, but I must do it! Just tipping you off for a post or something like that..

    In City newspaper they voted Susanna Kallur as the most attractive women among men voters. So, Hairy, you are not alone with your fantasies, LOL! I also noticed that Jenny Kallur didn't make it in the top 10, so it must be the fame that attracts men as well.

  8. yeah~ the one with green package, right? well, I think I still prefer the original kind(:

  9. @nic - oooh, a good theory. I like it.

    @smek - yeah I think salty licorice is an acquired taste. one which I have not acquired.

    @smek - anything about kallus is never off topic in my book.

    @ljus - yeah they are in the green. I think a lot of people prefer the original. but I love sour candy.

  10. My favourtie is dumle, I lvoe the one with apple taste too...

  11. @anonymous - I love the apple ones too... good call on the candy.

  12. Marabou is the best chocolate in sweden :D