Friday, October 03, 2008

ride for HOPE - Canada to Argentina by Bicycle

Another post that has nothing to do with Sweden. But I am constantly amazed by my buddy Keenan.

So check out his blog Ride for HOPE - Canada to Argentina by Bicycle. It’s well written, has some beautiful pictures, and plus it’s for a good cause. And say it with me now… I’m a sucker for a good cause.

And to be honest, it’s just a damn cool story he’s got to tell. Quite the adventure. He and his brother are in fact riding their bikes from Canada to Argentina. Hence the title of the blog. No one ever said Keenan’s strength was creative copywriting.

If you’re really feeling generous you can donate some money to HOPE, the organization they are raising money for. But, I’ll settle with people just clicking on the link to check out his blog. Because while I enjoy writing this blog, and enjoy ranting about whatever I feel like here in Sweden, there are plenty of people doing similar things. Very few are doing what Keenan is doing. And that’s something special. And worth reading about.

So Welcome to Sweden. Now get the hell out of here and check out a trip from Canada to Argentina. He’s about one month in. Only about 11 months to go. That gives you all plenty of time to get to know Keenan.

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  1. I think I have read somewhere that people from the US donate more money, and volunteer more, than....well at least swedes. In Sweden on the other hand with it´s high tax pressure (wich I am all for) people indirectly help a whole variety of causes. I think this HOPE thing is great, but unfortunately I´m one of those poor students. And with me giving up some of my small allowence for Amnesty every month I think HOPE will have to do without me. Great blog, as was your friends. Keep it up! PS: I recently found your blog and have not gone through all your posts. Are you still taking classes at uni?

  2. Hello there. I've read a bunch of your postings and it seems like there is a lot of cross over in our lives...for example, this post. I've got some folks supporting the same cause. Drop me a note sometime...where were you when you were in the states? I'm a student at Lund now, but I've spent the majority of my life in Colorado.


  3. @jonas - Ive read somewhere too about the amount of money and time that Americans donate, but don't know exactly the numbers. but you're right, I think its up there.

    glad you checked out my buddies blog. its a pretty cool thing hes doing.

    and I was actually just taking one class at the university for a little bit to keep myself busy. I did my university study in the US.

    @the dudes dude - thats very cool about the HOPE thing. It seems our lives might cross over even more because Im from Colorado also. Just moved here to Stockholm about a year and a half ago now.