Monday, January 14, 2008

Olof Palme Consorts with the CIA

Olof Palme, the famous Prime Minister of Sweden, who’s assassination in Stockholm remains unsolved today, has been revealed to have consorted with the CIA. It seems that this wasn’t big news in the Swedish military intelligence circles. However, I did not know. So it is news to me. And will thus be expounded upon in the most in depth, critical, and of course, profound way imaginable.

I am always amazed when I read about the focus on Sweden around this era. I suppose, geographically, it makes perfect sense considering the proximity to the Soviet Union. And politically, because of the left leaningness of Sweden in general. But being such a small country I always have assumed that Sweden flew under the radar. I was wrong as it has been coming out that there has been all kinds of underground work being done for both the right and the left during this era.

When news like a future Prime Minister of Sweden was working with the CIA it boggles my mind. Now granted, he wasn’t a spy. He just helped out now and then. In fact, it seems someone from the CIA decided against direct recruitment of Palme because they felt he would be insulted. Of course he did help out the Swedish military intelligence as well. So he might not have been a spy, but he wasn’t shy about offering his opinion to the military intelligence of various countries.

What I find so interesting, considering the standing of the US in international opinion the last few years, is the mention of the inspiration that America gave to Palme. At a time when the US is often seen as being quite conservative (the 1950s), a young social democrat living in Sweden was inspired by the American way of life and American politics. Despite what must have been some serious disagreements in political philosophy Palme found something inspirational and good about the US. Which is why Olof Palme has today become my favorite assassinated Swedish Prime Minister.

Goes to show how times have changed though. The US doesn’t seem to wake much inspiration in your average burgeoning international politician these days. Or maybe it does and it’s just not the right thing to say. I don’t know. But either way, it’s too bad.


  1. yeah he was my uncle

  2. Palme is to Swedes like Kennedy is to Americans. BTW, have you many assassinated Swedish Prime Ministers in mind? LOL!

  3. Actually my father was in the same school and even klass as Palme, in Stockholm.

  4. @montastic - seriously

    @anonymous - interesting

    @smek this - interesting comparison to JFK. Never though of that but it makes perfect sense.

    @ anonymous - also interesting

  5. yeah, right anonymous1, I'm sure his brorson (dunno the english word) would be so eager to brag about it that he would write it on a blog like this... C'mon

  6. you mean a blog like this that is at the forefront of indepth and thought provoking discussion I assume?

  7. Palme - the greatest Swedish politician of all time. The co-operation with CIA doesn't change that.

  8. no argument from me. just seemed so different than anything that I imagine hapening today. a man wo many, like yourselfm consider to be the greatest swedish politician of all time, in a socialist deomcracy, cooperating with the CIA. Don't imagine that happening today.

  9. The more I read about Mr Palme the more I figure he was very self-centred. Was he snitching on Leftist sympathisers as he saw them as potential rivals for the Social Democratic Leadership in the future?

    If you look at the UK Cabinet, many of those Ministers were 'card carrying Communists' at university.

  10. it does make you wonder. he seems to have had a pretty interesting past before he became PM of Sweden and his involvement with different organizations, from the socialists to the CIA. There are probably a few more PhD dissertations to get out of him.

  11. I really like your blog I really do.
    But seriously, stop "munbajsa" Palme ruled Sweden during the cold war, as a politician during those days you could basically choose between 2 options. The USA or the Soviet Union.
    And he choose the USA, that didn't mean that he liked the USA or saw something perticulary "good" about the USA. In fact in one of his famous speeches, his travel to the USA was one of the main reasons why he became a social democrat. He was absolutely disgusted by the class divitions in the USA.

    "Despite what must have been some serious disagreements in political philosophy Palme found something inspirational and good about the US"

    Cmon :S God. He picked the USA over the Soviet Union. Heck I'd pick the USA over North Korea anyday. I still think though that the USA is a terrible shit hole of a country. You've been at war every single year since WW2 killing millions of civilians around the globe. And that's a fact.

  12. the inspiration comments was a summary of a quote by Palmes son.

    So yeah, I figured it was ok to note that. You know. Family and all.

    Strangely enough, Sweden hasn't been at war for over 200 years and instead watched millions upon millions of civilians die just down the street from them. So I guess everyone has their own burden to bear.