Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oompa Loompas Attack Sweden

It’s important to follow the speed limit in residential areas. Little kids are around. We don’t want to run over them. This seems like something most people can agree on. It seems the Swedes want to hammer this point home. So they’ve developed an ad campaign that really tugs on those heart strings.

“Jag vill bli stor,” literally, “I want to become big”, or if translated for meaning “I want to grow up.” Makes sense. Running over kids could kill them, which would seriously hinder their chances of growing up. Cute little tag line right? Someone probably spent a lot of time on it. Emotional, yet poignant. Well done. The ad then has a child with a speed limit sign photo-shopped onto their face with the tagline right next to them.

Despite Sweden being famous for design, and actually having some pretty good commercials, it seems someone really dropped the ball as the ad campaign continued to develop. Instead of using children they have found jaundiced Oompa Loompas to model. It’s frightening. I like kids. But I’d be tempted to run one of these things down. While Oompa Loompas are hilarious in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they should not be roaming the streets of Stockholm.

I just have to believe that someone could have done something a little bit better. Ad campaigns like this that make me realize just how far off companies can be sometimes. This isn’t good. Someone tried to get too fancy. And it didn’t work.

I just noticed this ad today. I had heard it mentioned a week or so ago but had yet to see one in person. So it was kind of exciting actually. Excitement though was followed by disappointment and disgust. And fair enough, I noticed. But I noticed it because it was ridiculous, not because it meant anything to me. And I didn’t slow down.


  1. Is this like an ad-sign or a tv-commercial? because I've never heard of it. What you described in the beginning with the little boy and "Jag vill bli stor" would have been perfect for a sign but that oompa-loompas just sounded ridiculous...

  2. it's an ad. I haven't seen a commercial, just billboards while driving. Here's the picture again. I think everyone needs to see it to really revel in the glory that is jaundiced Oompa Loompa models.

  3. Aha, I misunderstood you, i thought there actually were "real" oompa-loompas in the ad. But when I clicked at the link and saw it I got your point :P. You're definitely right, it just doesn't work somehow. the tag-line was really good though

  4. seriously, the picture just doesn't fit.

  5. i don't get the oompah lumpa thing. i think they just look like cute little kids with painted faces???

  6. @ the good doctor - I know... I know

    @ anonymous2 - come on now. really? cute little kids should never have speed limit signs painted on their faces.