Monday, January 19, 2009

Indie Pop and Old Age in Stockholm

I found myself at a concert this past weekend at Debaser. A bar that has a lot of live music. It’s a nice place. Basically under Slussen. Nice outdoor area during the summer which I have frequented once or twice. But I had never been there to see a show. Until Saturday night. Marching Band was who I was there to see. Indie pop. Not really my style of music, I tend to stick to rock or country, but it was good. And they were quite entertaining. I enjoyed myself.

But as I looked around I felt very old. I’m 24. Very seldom do I feel very old. But I was surrounded by girls and boys. I don’t know what the age limit was at this place, they didn’t check my ID. Because I’m old. There was no way that the age limit was over 20. I’m guessing 18. And if it wasn’t a bar I would have guessed younger. Or maybe it’s just really easy to get into bars if you’re underage. I don’t know.

I do know that there were some young ‘uns around. My buddy, who is probably pushing 6’5” and me, pushing 6’3”, towered over the crowd. And it’s not like we were in Asia. Swedes tend to be relatively tall. It was because everyone was so very young. Of course, the benefit being that there was never any problem seeing the stage. Ever.

The downside being that I left the bar feeling very old. Grasping at my ephemeral youth as it passed me by. It didn’t help that I left at midnight because I was so damn tired and just wanted to get home, but was dreading the trip that was sure to take me at least 45 minutes because of the train schedule. It’s not easy. I leave bars at midnight. I have developed a wicked set of cul de sacs. My hip hurts. Still. I’m like an old man. Soon I’ll be left with nothing but my boyish charm.

Welcome to Sweden. Where being 24 makes you feel old.

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  1. what is the drinking age in Sweden? And as an ancient 29 year-old, I can tell you doesn't get any better.

  2. Indiemänniskor är generellt väldigt korta/har dålig hållning. Det är dessutom svårt att göra en åldersbedömning av dem då de alla ser ut att vara typ 14 år gamla.
    På Debaser så är det 20-årsgräns i alla fall, och det är inte så lätt att komma in om man är yngre än det.

  3. @john - the drinking age is technically 18. For restaurants and bars. Some of them at least. They are also allowed to make their own age limits. So some places have an age limit of 25. Of course, you can't buy alcohol from the liquor store until you are 20. The alcohol age is probably worthy of its own blog post.

    It's not easy being old before turing 30.

    @anonymous - an interestig point. I've never been to many indie concerts so I haven't really noticed if they tend to be shorter as you suggest. But I like it.

    And good work on the age limit of Debaser being 20.

  4. I really have no idea on with language i should submit a comment on. I am swedish but i suspect that some of the readers are english speaking and a comment in swedish excludes them. So, how do ypu want it? :)

    Any how, I started feeling old when i turned 20. And that is a whole year ago. :p

  5. Haha, just ignore my spelling. :) I was at the dentist today and I suspect that my brain got numb too. :p

  6. clearly the media is to blame for people feeling prematurely old. because I need someone to blame. or the dentist. because I know exactly what you mean about your brain going numb after being there.

    and with regards to the language: english, swedish, whatever floats your boat really. I respond in english though.

  7. Tie me down and smother me with a pancake.


  8. I dont even know what that means. but I like it. I think.

  9. If you wish to find some tall guys I think you should look into the fields of Progrock or Heavy Metal. They are usually hairy too.

    Most of the pop-people tend to be small and "gentle-looking". I think it has to do with the clothes. They are design to shrink the body, with it's tight jeans and as tight sweaters.

  10. I am agreeing about the short stature of indie kids.
    I go to a lot of shows in the states and it's just as true here.
    Anonymous made the point about the tight fitting clothes...It's not easy to get those jeans on if you are a bigger person!
    I'm not sure if you are familiar with the band belle and sebastian but I've jokingly said that when I hit one of their shows it is the only time that I am confident I could take down anyone in a room of 2,000 people.

  11. @anonymous - clearly I am meant to be a rock fan. I am both big and hairy. although I dont knw if I want to hang out with a whole lot of other big and hairy guys. I have limits.

    @travis - Im not familiar with that band. but I love your comment. sounds like indie concerts are good for the self esteem.