Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peter Forsberg Skates in the Shadow of Obama

There is a new President of the United States. Yes we can. Hope. Change. The buzz words of a marketer’s wet dream culminated in the inauguration today of Barack Obama. But the world did not stop for Obama.

And big news came out of Sweden. Peter Forsberg is back on the ice. He's getting old. He's 35 now. He's had multiple surgeries. He's haggard and tired. His time on the ice didn’t even go as well as he had hoped. And reading that he was back on the ice still made me all giddy inside. Like a little school girl really. Simply because he has said he wants to play for the Avalanche if he heads back to the NHL. And, because when it comes down to it, Peter Forsberg is by far the most exciting athlete I have ever seen live.

Right now he's skating with MODO, his old hockey team, up north in Örnsköldsvik. And there's obviously something in the water there. Or at least the ice. Because not only does Peter Forsberg hail from there, but so do the Sedin twins as well as Markus Näslund. That's not a bad line-up of hockey players. But Peter Forsberg leads the group.

I’m not sure how this will go. He’s struggled with his feet for years. To be perfectly honest, I think he might be done. Like a jilted lover taking back the girlfriend just one more time, I am skeptical. But I’ll take him back. And that’s the beauty of sports, that glimmer of hope and optimism. Plus, I still remember as a little kid saving up my allowance so I could buy a plaque autographed by the man himself. I would venture to say I have a slight man crush. You know, except for the ridiculous Stockholmers haircut coupled with the northern Swedish accent that just don't jive all that well together.

As much as I would like to see him skate off into the sunset as one of the greatest players ever, I can’t give up on him just yet. And that’s because when he’s healthy, he is still an amazing talent that sees things on the ice no one else sees. Who draws two defenders with him everywhere he goes and is still able to make the pass. Who is a dominant force. When he’s on the ice. As of late though, that hasn’t been all that often. But I continue to hope. This might be the last time before I turn on him though. Of course, I think I said that last year also.

So while today may have been a day focusing on hope of a different kind, I have pinned my hopes on the aging feet of Peter Forsberg.

Welcome to Sweden. Where hope and change ring true as Peter Forsberg prepares for one more comeback.

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  1. Isn't it amazing that such legends as Foppa is, can still be world-class athletes after multiple wounds and surgeries?

  2. Man... we had such high HOPEs for Forsberg in Nashville. But, the CHANGE, unfortunately, just didn't help the crafty vet, despite being surrounding by lots of young talent.

    I just don't see him making any sort of meaningful comeback.

    Can we forsee him pulling an Emmitt Smith and signing for a day with Colorado so he can retire as an Avalanche? YES WE CAN!

  3. I have to say that yesterday I watched a replay of highlights from the 2000 Stanley Cup Avs vs. Redwings series.....I had forgotten just how incredibly lucky we were back then to be able to drive an hour to watch some of the greatest hockey players ever and Forsberg was the best of that group! In case you can't remember, the Avs won the series 4 to 1.. :-)

  4. @smek - it is. definitely speaks to his talent and how damn hard he has worked.

    @john steiner - I love it. are you a speechwriter for obama?

    the nashville debacle is something I try to block out of my mind.

    but I definitely see him retiring as an av. whether he plays any meaningful minutes again.

    @john - I remember. those are the sort of sports memories that stay forever imprinted in my mind.

  5. My new blog address, tills vidare :)


  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ckaCuFfBzA&feature=related

    An amazing goal from peter forsberg and my favorite hockey match of all.
    Sweden - Finland in finland.

  7. @smek - glad to see youre back at it. good work.

    @anonymous - he does amazing things with the puck. absolutely amazing.