Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Draft in Stockholm, Sweden

Last night I went to bed at 9 pm. It was a Friday night. In Stockholm, Sweden. There tends to be something to do on Friday nights in Stockholm. But I went to bed at 9. I set three different alarms to go off between 2 am and 2:20 am. I needed to be up and was determined not to sleep through anything. Because early Saturday morning I had things to do. Granted getting up at 2 am might not be something I do on a regular basis. But this was different.

The NFL kicks off in just a little bit. And it was obviously time for my fantasy football draft. Because even in Sweden, there are some things that just can’t be left behind. And the excitement of piecing together a team full of stars and tracking their every statistic over the course of a season is hard to beat. Plus, when both parties have access to Skype, a computer, and a microphone, anything can happen. Now some might say, why not take advantage of the automatic draft available? Because a live draft has been tradition for a few years now. Obviously, some things are meant to be sacred. And so, for the second draft in a row, I found myself up in the early morning hours drafting a football team.

Last year didn’t go too well. I blame it on not actually seeing any games. And some untimely injuries. And some players not performing. And ultimately, just a poor draft on my part. It was an embarrassing performance after years of dominance in the fantasy football realm. But the beauty of sports is there’s always next year. Just ask Cubs fans.

So I found myself between 2:30 am and 5:30 am making 18 choices as to who would take me to the fantasy promised land and a year’s worth of bragging rights. I ended up with the second pick of the draft. So obviously I had to go with LaDainian Tomlinson. Because to not do so would be damn near blasphemous. All in all not a bad way to start off the season.

By the time my final choice was made, Trent Cole a defensive end for the Eagles, it was nearing 5:30 and the sun was up. So I closed my curtains, buried my head in the pillow, and managed to fall asleep until 10.

Right now I find myself still reeling a bit from the weird sleep schedule. A little groggy. A little confused. I almost feel like more than one day has passed. But it was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

Welcome to Sweden, where transatlantic fantasy football drafts happen.

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  1. Check out JAMAICA!!
    2.8 million people and 6 Gold medals and 11 total, now that is incredible!!
    Norway: 4.6 million and 3 gold and10 total
    Denmark 5.5 million and 2 gold and 7 total

  2. Good god man, if Ladainian went second who went first?

    who else did you get?
    not sure if anybody got him in your league but my super fantasy sleeper for 2008: James Hardy. He WILL BE a beast, the only question mark is when.

    I guess I have a 2:30 draft in my future as well, although since I am the commissioner of my keeper league, I guess I can set the time when ever I want!

  3. @anonymous - yeah Jamaica definitely did some good work.

    @john - Brady went first. Which was kind of surprised me... but that's fine by me.

    I've got Palmer at QB, but from what I've read cincy has looked pretty ugly in the preseason. I've got Boldin, Wayne, and Evans as my starting WR's. I had evans last year and he did nothing for me. ANd here I am going back to him again. We'll see. RB I grabbed McGahee and then tied Rice to him. and snagged Michael Turner and Maroney. I went kind of heavy on the RBs.

    the early morning drafts are a good time though. and it really is worth it.

    are you in a keeper league? because then snagging guys like hardy is definitely worth it.