Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stockholm’s Finest and a Silver Medal for Gustav Larsson

Today I watched as Stockholm’s finest manhandled and apprehended a Canadian. It was quite the sight. Four police officers, a blanket, and one very scared Canadian. After a bit of running around, some squawking, even some aggression towards the police the Canadian was taken into custody, wrapped in the blanket, and finally brought into the police van. Luckily. Because I was just shaking my head and laughing.

Now normally incarcerations aren’t all that funny. But this was different. Because the Canadian was a goose. Of course this Canadian goose didn’t really look anything like the geese that cover Bittersweet Park with their cylinder shaped shit, but maybe they change their look when they fly across the Atlantic. Anyway, I’m sure wild goose chasing is exactly what these four police officers were planning on doing with their lives when they signed up to be cops. But for some reason it seemed strangely fitting that the Swedish police felt it necessary to capture a goose.

I have no idea what the deal was with this goose. It was the only one they grabbed so I’m guessing it was hurt which would explain why it didn’t fly away but instead waddled and squawked. But I don’t know. The cops looked anxious to get into their van and return to actual police work instead of answering my questions. So away they went. With a goose in their van.

In other news, Sweden managed to grab another medal in the 2008 Olympics. This time a silver medal for Gustav Larsson, another cyclist who wasn’t really expected to do anything but is going home with a silver. Turns out home is now in Italy but that’s beside the point. So that brings the medal count to Sweden to two. Both silver medals. Both cyclists. This silver moves Sweden a bit closer to Finland in the medal count. Finland also has two medals, but one of them being gold they tend to be listed directly above Sweden. But Sweden is dominating Norway and Denmark. Woooo.

And by the way Fidel Castro has a blog. Seriously, Castro is now a blogger. This obviously has nothing to do at all with anything I really write about, but it bears mentioning that an 82 year-old commie dictator has a blog. Technology is an amazing thing. Of course most Cubans don’t have any sort of internet access so the blog is then printed out. Kind of like a newsletter. Silly Cubans. And today I saw a girl riding a horse bareback through the streets of downtown Stockholm. What do these two things have in common? Not a damn thing. But they both bore mentioning.

Welcome to Sweden.

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  1. Blogging is the latest great equalizer of mankind I suppose. OR perhaps it can even include our distant cousins. It is thought that a monkey by sheer random luck would be capable of typing the complete works of Shakespeare, if you give him enough time. So the next time you go bloghopping, and the contents look too good to be true, there's probably an extremely lucky chimp behind it.

  2. @mogLi - Im not sure if Fidels the chimp. or me.

  3. We have a lot of those Canadians in Oslo too - especially in the Oslo aria.

    Congrats, now you have two silver medal and - so far - ahead of Norway - there are still a couple of weeks left you know :-)

  4. Don't you worry. Sweden overtakes Finland as soon as track and field events start. As much as I dislike Stefan Holm, I think he will prevail. Finland has a chance to get a medal in javelin, but that's just one sport. Swedes are all around :)

  5. @renny - it's true. there's still time for norway to come back. and today hasn't been a good day for Swedish medal hopes so far.

    @smek - yeah I think Holm has a good chance. but like I've said, Swedes sometimes choke when they are considered the favorites.