Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Swedish Blogcleaning

I’ve been cleaning up the blog a little bit. Updating some links, making sure that things are working as they should. And, as you’ve hopefully noticed, posting a bit more regularly.

Seeing as how I quit my job and right now only have some temporary part-time work lined up I’ll probably be writing a bit more. I need to keep myself busy so what better way than sharing the nonsense that is my writing with everyone who finds their way here. Considering I only wrote a few times in July it’s only fair really. That being said, since the Olympics are going on there will probably be a bit of a sports focus for a while. So you’ll just have to bear with me while I get my sports writing fix. Of course, I’ll still write about all of the ridiculous stuff that happens, like the cross-dressing hunchback I saw Saturday morning at Central Station.

I’ve also updated the “Most Commented” section on the left hand side towards the bottom. That’s where I link to the posts that get the most comments and lead to the liveliest discussions. It’s pretty entertaining usually to relive some of them so feel free to check them out.

I’m going to work on throwing in a few more pictures as I wander through Stockholm and Sweden. Just liven up all the words a bit.

If you find any links that don’t work or know of any similar blogs that might be interesting for me to link to then feel free to e-mail me at aswedishamericaninsweden at gmail dot com. And keep the comments coming.

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  1. Tjena! Just wanna say that I'm still in the lurk mode in the blogging world. Entertaining indeed to read old comments in one's own blog. Hilarious post on the swedish fish, btw! Send some tissue samples to me and let's see how much mutation it has accumulated over time. Hehehe. Goodluck again with the job hunting, and yeah, belated glad sommar! Back to crappy weather again...

  2. Fantastic! Look forward to the pics.

  3. Glad to share the enthusiasm about the Olympics with you! Now that Finland has won its first medals today, it's been a good kick-off for this week. The Swedes are doing great too, I assume. Cheers to 'lurker' :)

  4. @mogLi - glad to hear you're still around. I'm still amazed by the fish. I think I obviously need to start breeding him and selling the offspring because clearly I have a super fish on my hands.

    @Isle Dance - thanks... hopefully I can follow through. I just figured its time to liven the blog up with some color.

    @smek - I saw that Finland snagged themselves a medal. now the question is which country in the nordic region will have te most medals?