Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Broken Swedish Penis

A Swedish artist created a penis sculpture that was about 20 kilos. That’s about 44 American pounds. That’s a big penis. Clearly, the Swedes don’t really need a Swedish Made Penis Enlarger Pump. And yes, yes I did just make an Austin Powers reference. This is Swedish culture at its best. Carl Larsson can’t really compete with an artist who sculpts that big of a penis.

Anyway, the penis is now broken. Busted into two different pieces while on display in a hotel. Maybe not the most illustrious place for an artist to display his sculpture, but come on. It’s a stone penis. There are just so many jokes to be made here. Hard ons and such.

Or maybe there is something to be said about the attitudes towards penises in Sweden. The penis being quite literally, a phallic object, probably signifying some sort of sexist nonsense. In a country where lions on military uniforms had to have their penises removed, Herr Gårman is seen as sexist, and advertising is constantly analyzed for sexism, maybe this isn’t a surprise.

Or maybe the 20 kilo stone penis statue just wasn’t very well constructed. The artist might have erectile problems. Some sort of impotence. A Freudian thing.

Or maybe this was just some glorious marketing plan by the artist. He is going to get an extra exhibition out of this by titling the two pieces “The Catastrophe in Kristianstad 2009.”

To be honest, I’m not all that interested in why. Really, I just wanted to bring joy to everyone by pointing to how ridiculous the Swedish news sometimes is.

Welcome to Sweden. Where even 20 kilo stone penises aren’t safe.

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  1. i really can't understand the artist and the news that covered the event. making a 20 kg penis and put it in a hotel i would say certainly is an utterly ridiculous idea! but printing it is even more absurd

  2. Michael, I agree but maybe they had a hard time finding any good, or big, news stories to cover and come on, you got to admit this sculpture got the whole package.

  3. Hahaa! In 2007 we had a 2,5 meters tall vagina sculpture on wheels here in Helsinki. Is it the fresh nordic air or maybe all those long and dark winter nights that make us do these things?

    Welcome to Finland.


  4. @Michael - the beauty of reporting on art and culture I suppose.

    @Robban - now those are the kinds of jokes I like.

    @anonymous (j) - I think youre on to something. its the dark winter nights.

  5. Someone had to say 'em! But I kinda feel like I was carrying the team here. Come on, a little help?

  6. oh,my gooooddddddd! i just checked out the finish vagina!!! it was bruttle :(
    i haven't had a close real look of the part yet i supposed it would more more attractive!
    some body tell me that's not same as it is in the real life !!

  7. @robban - its almost overwhelming. Theres the whole hard aspect. THe size of it. The fact that it broke. Its just too much for me

    @Michael - good times indeed. Pretty hilarious.

  8. I must been real busy to let this post uncommented. So far that is. Personally I think art that has this kind of sensational features is not real art. But fun it can be. And even witty. A real 'stenhård' penis, if there ever was one :)

  9. yeah, I suppose it gets a reaction. if thats the point of art then it worked. of course, it made me laugh, not really think but I think Im with you.

  10. The Finnish statue doesn't seem to be online any more, but here's a little Chinese thing it should be coupled with:

  11. the Finnish statue was something to behold! Good work on the Chinese thing also.