Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Important Swedish Exports

You may know all kinds of exciting products that Sweden is proud to export to the rest of the world. H&M, Saab, Volvo, IKEA, Absolut. All glorious companies and products. But Sweden prides itself on its natural environment and beauty. And with that in mind they have gone to exporting nature.

Sweden recently exported two moose to Scotland. The article says elk. It means moose. Two elk calves are being sent to Scotland. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this. They are actually sending two moose by plane to Scotland in hopes of repopulating Scotland with moose. It’s amazing. And this article has it all.

I learned so much from the article. For example, there are moose farms. And apparently finding farmable moose are hard to get a hold of. A moose can basically only become farmable if it is an orphan. So the moose farmers become de-facto parents. And like any good parents the moose farmers will be flying with their children to Scotland as they give them up for adoption.

I also learned that people like poop soap. Moose farmers really take advantage of all of the extra products that the moose produces. So they take a pellet and stick it in a bar of clear soap. And people buy it. Which is probably the best use of byproducts in business that I have ever heard of. Clearly the moose farmer is the ultimate environmental entrepreneur. Nothing goes to waste, and everything can earn money.

Moose farmers are even treated like celebrities in Scotland. One moose farmer was treated to a few rounds at the pub. Just for being a moose farmer. What a life. Clearly, I have chosen the wrong path in life. But I suppose there is still time. And I am in the right country to go into the business of moose farming.


  1. haha, unfortunately (for your future business plans) moose farming is not all that common! And it does require some space for the elks (whatever) to live on.
    But moose soap? I dont know.. I bet it's even expensive.

  2. my plans have been foiled. but I bet you're right about the soap. anything with a pellet of poop in the middle can't be cheap!

  3. oh hey i wanna be a poop soap maker and a moose farmer too! i want rounds bought for me all the time damnit..lol

  4. In Alaska they make Moose Nuggets (like Gold Nuggets) into everything! They preserve/dry them and make keychains and stick them on the end of cheese knives.... Everything.
    Google Alaskan Moose Nuggets

  5. maybe its something about living way up north that makes people want to make things out of moose poop.

  6. You just revealed the Swedish cunning plot to get rid of its elks! They are not wanted here and EU is watching that they don't kill too much of them. Finland also would have a lot of elks to donate somewhere. To Sweden..? LOL

  7. I should have known there was a conspiracy behind this!