Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving in Sweden (Observed)

Thanksgiving went well. We found a turkey. Two in fact. And CBCC and I cooked them. DCP was out being a breadwinner so I became a bread maker. And it was delicious. Well a little dry, but still pretty delicious. And come on. It was the first time I’d ever had to cook a turkey by myself. All in all it was a successful first Thanksgiving in Stockholm.

CBCC and I spent a good part of yesterday looking for a turkey. We went to three different grocery stores. We managed to find frozen drum sticks, frozen turkey breasts, sliced turkey breasts, deli turkey, but no actual whole turkey. At some point the thought crossed our minds that maybe we could just piece together a turkey. We were getting a little nervous because usually my mom sets the turkey out in the fridge about two or three days in advance to thaw it. We were looking at about 27 hours. But then ICA finally came through. And wouldn’t you know it; it was in the American frozen foods section. Silly me, looking in the meat section. Luckily the turkeys were small. Three and a half kilos small. Not quite your standard 20 some pound turkey like at home but hey, considering we were short on time it worked out nicely. So we bought two. And they thawed in time. In cold water in our bathtub.

Today was spent figuring out how to cook a turkey. Luckily, it’s pretty easy once it gets in the oven. Just sit back and let the delicious aroma fill the apartment. And that’s exactly what we did. And a few hours later we had two delicious looking turkeys ready to be carved. Which was done with precision and skill by yours truly. Actually, CBCC complained that I was doing more picking with my fingers than carving with the knife but in the end the meat came off the bone and we ate ourselves stupid.

It was nice being able to sit down with some family and just eat a whole lot of food. Just enjoy the holiday. We sat down around 4 and started eating and managed to cram all kinds of different foods in us. Even some nice desserts courtesy of a Thanksgiving package from NBC. Aside from the fact that we couldn’t find any football to watch and that the sun went down at 3 and kept confusing me because I thought we were eating really late, it felt very much like a good old fashioned American Thanksgiving. Oh yeah and it’s Sunday not Thursday. But we were close.

Happy Thanksgiving. Again.

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  1. glad you found some turkey!!!

  2. If you were to settle down in Sweden, I wish you'd still have thanksgiving every year! It's good to have traditions. The 6th of Dec. it'll be Finland's indepence day (90 years!). I have plans to celebrate it although I must stay at work. Light some candles and maybe buy a small Finnish flag to put on show in the window.

  3. yay for you and your turkey day!
    we had ours yesterday(sunday) also.. in fact i have shit loads of pictures...all 3 turkeys were demolished,stuffing and all and all the pumpkin pies are gone etc etc...i had to feed 20 people with all the fixings, all done by moi.

    it really did feel like thanksgiving.

  4. oh, pix are on my photo page on my blog, if ya wanna see.

  5. @Anonymous, Thanks!

    @Smek This, It's true, everyone needs to keep some traditions alive. It's a great way to honor your ancestry. And have fun too. Enjoy your independence day!

    @Mrs. Cecrux, Sounds like you Thanksgiving was a lot more work than mine! But It looks like from the pictures that it was all well worth it!

  6. Aw, what a great story--and a beautiful bird! Well done. Happy Thanksgiving from the States!! -S :)

  7. thanks! hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!