Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Internal Battles in Stockholm

I’ve been waging a nice little internal battle for a while now. It’s a fun little game really. But today it’s over. The beauty of internal battles is that you’re always a winner. Technically I suppose you’re always a loser to, but we’re going half-full today. So today I’m a winner.

Because I am willfully unemployed. I quit my job. Strangely enough, Dagens Nyheter had a little blurb in the Ekonomi section saying that nearly 8 out of 10 Swedes (77%) are content with their jobs. That is an increase from 74% in 2005 according to Arbetsmiljöverket (basically they check up on the business milieu). They did not ask me. Which is why I quit. For various reasons I suppose. But the big one very simply being that I wasn’t getting paid on time. In fact, my current pay check is three weeks late and counting. Good times really. But now it’s done. I think. Assuming I finally get the paychecks that I have coming.

But, sadly enough, that was a risk I was willing to take. Take that for what it’s worth. Right now, I still feel kind of like a scumbag for having quit though. I’ve never quit quit a job before. I mean I’ve quit because I was leaving for college, or graduating from college, or moving to Sweden, but never because the job was miserable and I wasn’t getting paid. It was a new experience. One of many since having moved to Stockholm.

Tomorrow morning though, when I wake up and realize it’s all over I think the sun will be shining just a little bit brighter. And that’s a pretty damn good feeling.

On the other hand I am now unemployed. So if anyone has some sweet marketing, communications, or history jobs out there… sign me up.

In other news. Sweden plays Russia tonight. A tie gets them to the next round. Considering there’s been a lively soccer discussion on this post (probably due to my crack journalism and ability to break down the nuances of the game of soccer due to my inherent love and respect for the game) I’ll probably whip some sort of response out tomorrow. Since I’ll have plenty of time on my hands. Yeah woooo!


  1. Congratulations! Once you realize the job is not working out it's just wasting time after that. Never settle.

  2. Now you have time to really see Stockholm, I hope you'll get by still!

  3. @jay - good point. and this one was most definitely not working out.

    @smek this - it's true. now i have even more time to explore.

  4. Well done, sir. Life is too short to be unhappy with work.

  5. yeah, it feels better today. I was still doubting it a bit yesterday, but the sun was shining just a little bit brighter this morning.

  6. You should work hard and be deligent when you are young so you can afford to enjoy life later on.....of course sense you weren't really getting paid, sounds like a good decision (and that first part is complete BS)--go travel, see and do stuff that you may not have a chance to do later when you are bogged down with responsibilities--take this from they guy who could be your dad??

  7. good advice. and it feels better already. thanks faux-pops.