Friday, June 13, 2008

Major League Baseball in Stockholm

I’m not sure how I forgot to mention this. But I went to that conference. It was a two-dayer. And even though it only took about 45 minutes to drive home I decided to stay the night. Plus, who am I to turn down a free hotel room? No one. That’s who.

So as the evening wore on I found myself in my room watching TV. And it was amazing. This TV had 15 channels. My TV has 10 channels. That’s a nice little increase of 50%. And that 50% made all the difference.

Because suddenly I was watching Fox Sports Northwest. And the Mariners were on. Now, I, as a general rule, dislike the American League. The first thing that comes to mind is the designated hitter. And as a general rule, I don’t like the Mariners. For no other reason than that shitty ass stadium they used to play in. The Kingdome? But no matter. It was baseball.

So instead of watching more of Euro08 I sat my ass down and watched the Mariners pull off a win. Because who are we kidding, there’s been soccer on every night for about a week now. And I’ve watched at least some of it every night. And it’s just not doing it for me. Plus, baseball isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence in Sweden.

Granted it was a little delayed. And the game had already been played the day before. But I was happy. They even had the sports ticker on the bottom so I got to see all of the other scores, the exciting news in the American sports world. It was wonderful.

But having watched the game I decided that baseball is America’s soccer. Because it seems like the rest of the world just doesn’t get it. Like so many Americans just don’t get soccer. Or at least not to the extent that the rest of the world does. So as Stan (not Kyle) once said in South Park "I get it, Token! I finally get it: I don't get it." So there it is. I don’t get soccer. But I get it because Sweden doesn’t get baseball.

Welcome to Sweden. Where the mysteries of soccer can be explained by South Park.


  1. As a die-hard mariners fan, I take great offense at your dislike for the magnificent Kingdom (RIP). Nothing turns the the great game of baseball on it's ear like the constant threat of falling ceiling tiles.

  2. I was wondering if this would get a comment from the good doctore.

    baseball could potentially use the falling ceiling tiles to their advantage. perhaps an xlb in line with the failed xfl where hazards and obstacles like falling ceiling tiles are all a part of the game.

  3. If you got cable where you live you'd probably be able to find NASN, which airs baseball all the time in summer. Being a Swede and a baseball fan, that's where I get my kicks, plus from If I don't take the subway to the Skarpnäck or Sundbyberg field to watch some Swedish League Baseball. You'll find it on Good luck and thanks for a nice blog!

  4. @christian - those are some excellent tips. thanks. I didn't even know that there were baseball fans in Sweden.

  5. I thought Stan said that.. wasn't it Randy who said the n-word on tv? :P

  6. you are absolutely right. I dropped the ball there. good work. you might be my hero now. maybe.