Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Swedish American Delves into Fashion. Again.

I know. I have no right to write about fashion. We’ve already established this. But I couldn’t help myself. This is just ridiculous. In fairness to Sweden this is more Brazilian fashion. Or at least designed by a Brazilian. In fact, the article (if you can call it that) doesn’t even mention Sweden, just that these are expected to be very popular in the UK when they are released this summer. The only reason is that I ran across it in the venerable evening paper Aftonbladet.

And what is this newest fashion trend you might ask? Something that could change the world obviously.

Jeans with built in underwear.

In an attempt to meet the needs of young women everywhere jeans are now being produced with underwear attached to them. Of course, these needs probably shouldn’t be described as needs seeing as how they are simply low cut jeans. So low that the only solution was to design them with underwear attached.

The idea is that by attaching the underwear the jeans won’t fall down. Because apparently as the jeans ended up with a more pronounced low cut they were falling off. Of course, the question is whether the people who wear this kinds of jeans don’t, at least subconsciously, want their jeans to come off at some point while wearing them.

I don’t have any idea if these will make their way to Sweden. I haven't seen them in Stockholm yet. And I can only hope that I won't. I’d like to think Sweden is classier than that.

I don’t have any idea if these really will become popular in London either. I can only hope not. I’d like to think that the UK isn’t as un-classy as people try to make them out to be. But I could be wrong.


  1. The real question is, how low is it in the front, looks to me that you would have to be "groomed" in order not to reveal anything.
    How LOW can we go!

  2. That's low... The question is what you were doing reading Sofis Mode?

  3. @anonymous - seriously. there needs to be some trimming going on in this case.

    @robban - I'll be honest. I don't even read aftonbladet but I was reading some other blogs and stumbled across a link to the article. and come on jeans like that just can't be denied.

  4. I was taught that if your underwear is showing, it's a bad thing. If they are designed to be showing, they are not UNDER anymore. It looks ugly, not sexy. I don't know why...

  5. I'm just thankful that they are only for women (sexist I know), but when I first saw "jeans with built in underwear", this is NOT what I thought of--maybe cause I grew up as a Hill Billy??

  6. @smek - Im with you on this.

    @john - agreed. on all accounts.

  7. Hey, you know what, I go around to McDonald's in Gbg and bam! These teenage dudes (not dudettes, although I've seen some girls wear g-strings above their jeans, just like the jeans shown in Aftonbladet), well, these dudes are wearing jeans so low, I know what underwear they're wearing, the brand, the colour, the cut etc.

    I used to be really disturbed but after awhile, the eyes get use to the sight for good or bad. And these days, I think...okay, it's a kind of 'look' they're going for.

    I personally think I'd freak out if I had my kid walk around outdoors like that (girl or boy) *LOL* But okay, if and when the time comes, I'll try to keep an open mind about it.


  8. fair enough, but until then youve got to admit it looks pretty ridiculous.