Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Swedish Bras Take a Scholarly Twist

It seems that some serious research is being done here in Sweden. Down in Lund, one of the most prominent universities in Sweden, research has been going on that could change the world. Or at least validate the hippies of the ‘60s. Because now it seems that early bra usage leads to saggy boobs. And no one wants that.

It seems that wearing a bra actually hinders the development of some sort of elasticity within the boob itself. Without the elasticity the boob can’t support itself leading to saggy breasts. It seems that as long as your boobs are growing you should avoid bras for a while. Unless of course, you are absolutely stacked, in which case you’re going to need the support.

The beauty of this study is that the professor behind the study, Göran Samsioe, seems to try to play off the study as a concern for the societal ills that young women fall prey to as they are pressured into wearing bras that give them cleavage. So really he has only the goodwill of young women everywhere in mind. And it has nothing to do with being able to stare at the boobs of 18-25 year old girls everyday under the guise of research.

He brings up that western society has sexified breasts. Which I doubt many people would argue with. And here in Sweden they do a good job of trying to fight that. Bara Bröst has even managed to start baring their breasts at indoor swimming pools. But come on Göran. You’re not fooling anybody. You are a product of western society. Breasts have been sexified for you too. It’s ok to admit. In fact, professors the world over are kicking themselves right now for not having thought of this first. So well done.

My favorite quote has got to be: “Samsioe cites a French study on women ages 18 to 25 which found that the distance between a woman’s nipples and the ground decreased in women who wore bras.” Mostly because of the way it is worded. I would never have thought to measure the distance between a woman’s nipples and the ground. Of course I’m not an old horny professor. Yet.

Welcome to Sweden.

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  1. haha...Maybe he got concerned because he saw a lot of saggy tits. Naturally he didn't like the sight and he just felt he had to do something about it. Maybe?

  2. I think you must be right. no one likes saggy boobs and Göran is apparently no different.

  3. I loved the way you wrote this entry *hahaha*! Actually, they did a study in Japan too and came up with the same results - bras encourage sagging of the breast tissues. I would believe Japanese research too, considering their all male only bars where they can peek up the skirts of waitresses *smile*.


  4. Oh boy... You crack me up :) I would love to have that guy's work!

  5. interesting that so many men are doing these kinds of studies... or maybe not that interesting.

    hell even yoda sees the wisdom of this research though.

  6. I love it when you find all the relevant studies to share with us! :)

    I don't mind the cleavage loss if it leads to women wearing no bra in the Summer. Actually, they do that a lot in Paris. Maybe they aren't that shaggy over there.

  7. I like to bring important things to the forefront. And it doesn't get much more important than saggy boob research.