Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bill Murray Gets Pulled Over and I Look for a Job

The Swedish summer is coming to an end. Finally. While most people enjoy the sun being out until midnight by taking their six weeks of vacation, or in Bill Murray's case driving a golf cart around downtown Stockholm in the middle of the night, I sat around trying to find a job. That has proven incredibly difficult considering that absolutely no one is around. I turned in job applications in July that I am just now hearing back about because everyone has been on vacation. It blows my mind how things just shut down. I should have known though, even at "full capacity" the Swedes don't exactly share the American work ethic. Banks here advertise by telling us "Don't Worry, We're Open Until 4 in the Afternoon!" Great. Normal banking hours are from 10am - 3pm. Of course they are also half-staffed around the lunch hour. Wouldn't want to work too hard or make things easy for people. But so it goes, so now that fall is knocking on my door the job search is back in full swing.

I've managed to do a good job with money up until this point and I worry that that has made me a bit lazy. Maybe lazy is the wrong word. Too picky. Rather than jumping at every job opportunity that comes by I have been very selective. I don't want to be miserable in my work like so many people I see around me. Now I'm concerned though that it's been so long that I'm just kind of tuning to mush. I need to find something that keeps me engaged and halfway entertained. Hopefully, something will pop up. I've been trying to make moves but moves have been hard to make in the 20 hour day of the Swedish summer. I'm feeling good though as the darkness begins to fall.


  1. Hej Man! You're doing the right thing about being careful in choosing a job. (Yes, to me, "careful" is the term and not "picky"). A lot of Swedes get burned out in their job because they ended up in the wrong field. Patience is virtue indeed. Btw, thanks for dropping and leaving a nice comment in my blog. You will also find that I just linked you in my "The 300" list. Goodluck with jobhunting and your re-"swedification"! :)

  2. I think Mogli is right. Careful is a much better description. We're going with it!

    Here is the explanation given by Bill Murray: