Friday, September 21, 2007

Swedish Royal Family Gets a Pay Raise

This is just such a foreign concept to me I had to post the link. The Swedish Royal Family will see an increase in the grant money they receive this year even though they have no real function within the government. Read the article here titled Borg gives more money for Victoria.

I am absolutely astounded by this idea. I think it's kind of cool to still have a Royal Family. Makes for a nice story I suppose but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that they just get grants to live off of. Hey good for them though. I guess they are living the good life. Can’t fault them at all for being born into that situation.

That being said you are definitely allowed to be a little bit jealous of them. I’m a little jealous. I wouldn’t mind getting grants to live my life in castles throughout Stockholm and Sweden. I mean if I had to I suppose I could manage to live in a castle just in Stockholm. I’m a simple man really, give me a castle to live in and millions of SEK to live off of and I’m satisfied.

I suppose this is just another Welcome to Sweden moment for me!

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